Laser Hair Removal Systems At Clinics - Ruby Laser (694 nm)

Ruby laser is the original and first system of laser hair removal treatment. It having been invented in 1960 and approved for hair reduction by the FDA in 1997. Today, Ruby is an older technology and has been abandoned gradually.

Ruby deeps red color at 694 nm is highly absorbed by the melanin pigment in hair, making it an excellent choice for fine and light hair. However, melanin in the skin absorbs the Ruby laser very effectively too, so there's a high risk of burns or changes to pigmentation when used on darker skin tones including tanned skin, it is only really can suitable for white skin. Because of this limitation, slow repetition rate, and relatively small spot size, Ruby lasers have become less popular for laser hair reduction in recent years.

The slow repetition rate with the Ruby laser is designed to provide more comfort for the patient, patients would have experience less pain. Unless you are very afraid of pain, otherwise Ruby is not recommended.

Laser Hair Reduction Machines At Clinics - Ruby (694 nm Wavelength)

Good Candidates

Skin Type I

(Pale White Skin, Blue/Green/Hazel Eyes, Blond/Red/Albino Hair, Freckles or Albino)

Skin Type II

(Fair Skin, Blue/Green/Hazel Eyes, Blond/Red Hair)


Long term hair reduction is achieved;
More pain-free than other laser system;
Hair that grows back tends to be finer and sparser and therefore less noticeable;

Side Effects

NOT be used for hair reduction on darker or tanned skin and light or white hair;
Only treatment a relatively small area;
A slow Repetition Rate which increases the treatment time;
Risks of scars, burns, skin discoloration, redness and swelling;

Ruby Equipments Available

RubyStar, EpiPulse Rubyand Palomar E2000, Epilaser® (Palomar), Epitouch® (Sharplan)


Wavelength : 694
Pulse width : 0.85-3
Fluence : 5-40
Spot Size : 3-10
Repetition Rate : 0.5-1.2

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