Laser Hair Removal Systems At Clinics - RF Of ELOS Laser (IPL)

ELOS is the first and only technology that simultaneously harnesses the power of both bi-polar Radio Frequency (RF) and optical energy (either Laser or IPL). It's claim to fame is that ELOS has proven to be able to provide long term hair reduction for all skin and hair types including tanned. The Syneron ELOS Hair Removal Systems based laser had USA FDA approved and the only laser which removes white, blonds, redheads or grey hair also. However, some clinical report that it is not 100% successful, lighter hairs still persist, about 60% of light hair was removed after the course of 8 to 9 treatments. It worth noting that, we do not recommend the ELOS based IPL. In regards to hair removal, IPL is definately NOT the most effective method.

How Does ELOS Works

The Elos abbreviation stands for Electro-optical Synergy which is the combined effect of light energy (Lasers or IPL) and useful Radio Frequency (RF). During the hair removal procedure, the target is preheated by using Lasers or IPL, which creates a thermal path on which the RF travels. RF is delivered directly to the hair follicle, which can not further conduct RF. The build up of current density, results in the hair follicle being terminally disabled and denatured. Elos laser hair removal can destroys the hair follicle completely, whereas after ordinary laser or IPL treatment, hair follicle usually does not die and recovering 1,5 - 2 years later after the procedure.

ELOS (IPL) Laser Hair Removal

ELOS has good results on all skin type and hair color. The ELOS advantage over standard Laser or IPL is 30% less Laser (IPL) and 100% more bi-polar Radio Frequency. Lower levels of Laser (IPL) decrease the chance of an over response in darker skin. RF is colour blind so it target the germinative part of the hair follicle rather than the melanin found in the hair shaft, or hair bulb. The RF also works in synergy with the Laser (IPL), pushing it deeper to achieve a higher level of follicle destruction than possible with single energy Laser (IPL) systems.


A clinical study by Department of Lasertherapy, Medical Centre Maastricht, Maastricht, The Netherlands. Seventeen patients with blond hair were randomly selected from the Department of Lasertherapy. The mean age of the patients was 57.4 years. The mean energy used per patient was 23.2 J/cm2 and the mean radio‐frequency was 18.6 J/cm2.

A mean hair reduction of 57.4% was obtained with a mean of 8.5 treatments. There was a trend found between hair removal and the number of treatments. No correlation was found between the percentage of hair removal and age. Furthermore, there was no correlation between hair removal and the device's technical data. No major side effects were observed postoperatively.

Costs Of ELOS

It is almost same as the prices of other laser hair removal treatment.

Safety For ELOS

ELOS is safe and it has approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, most patient undergoing laser ELOS hair removal will experience more pain than other laser treatment. They may require an anesthetic cream pretreatment to numb the skin. The head of ELOS machine has two metal bars that can leave minor burns if technicians don't make complete contact with the skin each time they fire the pulse. So, the practitioner should only be administered by professional aestheticians or physicians trained in the proper use of the Elos system. Otherwise, poor technique or carelessness could lead to burns from the equipment.

Good Candidates

  1. ALL Skin Types
  2. Positive results to Skin Type V ( Light brown skin Example: Mediterranian, European, Asian, Hispanic, American Indian )
  3. The more permanent hair removal is possible to the lighter the skin color and the darker the hair color.
  4. Only eyebrows cannot be treated.

ELOS Equipments Available

Syneron eMax, Syneron eLaser, Syneron eLight

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