Laser Hair Removal Systems At Clinic - Alexandrite Laser (755nm)

The Alexandrite Laser is a shorter wavelength system with a specific light energy of 755nm and recommend for very white skin type I, II. It produces reddish light, with its large (up to 18mm) Spot Size and high Repetition Rate, the Alexandrite laser is most effective, comfortable, fastest of laser hair removal for Skin Types I-II and larger body parts. Such as an entire back can be treated in less than 30 minutes.

Different types of lasers are determined by their wavelengths. When choosing a laser for hair removal, you most often want a longer wavelength, so that the beam can reach even the deepest hairs. Depending on the type of hair and where it is on the body, a hair shaft will grow anywhere from 1mm to 5mm deep. The wavelength of the 755nm Alexandrite laser allows the beam to penetrate as deep as hairs can grow, 5mm. So Alexandrite laser has a good effectiveness of hair reduction especially thinner, finer hairs which other lasers simply cannot touch. However, Alexandrite laser system is not recommend to using in any skin type other than very white and it worth noting that, the alexandrite laser frequently produces pigmentary changes.


A clinical study by a group of investigators affiliated with Plataforma Laser in Barcelona, Spain, and in Innsbruck, Austria, offered more than 8 years of data to demonstrate long-term efficacy of laser hair removal with the Alexandrite device. Study Method a total of 1,009 treatment areas were evaluated in 668 patients between the ages of 12 and 75 years with Fitzpatrick skin type I to V, mainly females in their mid-30s with Fitzpatrick skin type II and III.

Laser Hair Reduction Machine - Alexandrite Laser (755nm Wavelength)

1009 Sites Treated

100% reduction in 899 sites
98 sites presented less hair reduction
12 patients did not respond

82% reduction in facial areas
17% unstable reduction
1% did not respond

93% reduction in bikini area
5% unstable
2% did not respond


Wavelength : 755 nm
Repetition Rate : 1-5 Hz, Duration 3 ms
Spot Size : 5-18 mm
Fluence Range : Up To 100 J/cm2

The Alexandrite Laser Equipments Available

Candela GentleLase -- Most Popular

The Candela GentleLase is a medical grade laser, specifically developed for therapeutic purpose and arising from research to determine the safest and most effective light source for therapeutic uses including laser hair removal.

  • More effective melanin absorption, as compared to other similar machines including diode lasers. The absorption of the laser energy by the melanin in our skin creates a better transfer if energy and more effective destruction of the hair follicles and consequential hair loss;
  • The Candela Gentlelase is more effective at removing finer, thinner hairs that other systems such as diode lasers cannot remove or require more and longer treatments to remove;
  • The Candela Gentlelase use a unique Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD), which emits a highly focused spray of coolant on the skin just before each laser pulse, so no messy gels are needed. This processes effectively cools the epidermis during both low and high fluency laser treatments, protecting the epidermis and making the treatment much less painful;
  • The Candela Gentlelase is also designed and built for operator comfort to increase fine control and consequently improve application and provide safer more effective treatment;

The Cynosure Apogee Elite -- Two-in-One System

The Cynosure Apogee Elite contains two laser systems, a 755 nm Alexandrite laser and a high powered 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser. The addition of the YAG laser can treat patients of darker skin types for excessive hair growth, especially of the face, arm pits and bikini lines. So, you can have multiple procedures during the same visit.

LHR Machine - Alexandrite Laser (755nm Wavelength)

Good Candidates

Skin Type I

(Pale White Skin, Blue/Green/Hazel Eyes, Blond/Red/Albino Hair, Freckles or Albino)

Skin Type II

(Fair Skin, Blue/Green/Hazel Eyes, Blond/Red Hair)


It have a good penetration, some will see a permanent reduction in hair growth.
It has a good effectiveness especially thinner, finer hairs that other lasers simply cannot touch.
It is comfort, rapid Repetition Rates will reduce treatment time.

Side Effects

Hair removal is short term.
Blonde and gray hairs are more resistant. White hairs do not respond to treatment.
Frequently produces pigmentary changes ( lightening or darkening of the skin ).

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