Review For VISS IPL Hair Removal At-home System

Prices :

£349.99 / $399.00 (4,000 Flashes)

Replacement Hair Removal Lamp Cartridge : £50.00 / $80.00 (4,000 Flashes)
Replacement Skin Rejuvenation Lamp Cartridge : £80.00 / $125.00 (4,000 Flashes)
Replacement Acne Care Lamp Cartridge : £119.99 / $175.00 (4,000 Flashes)

VISS IPL Hair Removal System is manufactured by BNB Medical which is a Korean based company. So we consider that it is more suitable for Asian (Type IV). In fact, VISS is a versatile and flexible multiple applications IPL beauty machines. Hair reduction is just the beginning, the optional lamp cartridges can turn VISS into a sophisticated skin rejuvenation system and acne-clearing miracle. Treat once every 2 weeks for the first three months. A simply top-up session is then only required every 3 months. If stop treatment, The hair growth will now be extremely slow and the hairs will also be much finer.

Review For VISS IPL Hair Reduction Home Machine


  • Suitable on body areas below the neckline: legs, underarms, bikini area, arms and stomach
  • NOT suitable for use on the face.
  • Works effectively on dark-blond, brown, black hair.
  • NOT suitable red, grey, light-blond hair.
  • NOT suitable for very dark skin (Fitzpatrick Skin Type VI).


  • 0-3 months, treat every two weeks
  • 3-6 months, treat once a month
  • 6-9 months, treat as needed
  • 9+ months, use once or twice a year

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