Reviews For Venus CW-808 Laser Hair Removal At-home Device

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The Venus CW-808 is a laser hair removal device manufactured in South Korea by BNB Medical Co., Ltd for hair reduction at home. It has received the CE mark from the European Union but it failed to get FDA approval in USA since the FDA warned BNB Medical that this product did not meet the strict advertising standards in the US. However, Venus laser system is still safety. In general, the Venus delivers results in five to six months, but can take as long as eight months.

The contact area of the laser for Venus is small, so you must treat one hair at a time, which is time consuming when you are working in a large area on your body. While the Venus will remove some hairs, it is just not as effective as other common hair removal at-home machines such as Tria Laser.

Many consumer report that it difficult to get a refund after discovering the results of hair reduction at-home systems sold by BNB Medical were not as expected for the main reason they bought from unofficial sites that do not offer a guarantee. And together with the bad consumer reviews globally we do not recommend this product. There are far better products on the market that come with effective money back guarantees. Some of the other at-home laser and IPL appliances for hair removal maybe a little more expensive, but as they say you normally get what you pay for.

Reviews For Venus CW-808 Laser Hair Reduction Home Machine

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