Can I Use Laser Hair Removal At-home Kits? Pros & Cons

There are all sorts of laser hair removal at-home machines on the market today. In fact they are mostly portable Diode Laser and IPL. These devices are safety, effective and easy to use, but you must to be aware of the pros and cons before purchase.

4 Pros :

1. Saving Money Is Always An Advantage

The costs of a series of clinic appointments to treat one part can range from £600 to £2500. A home system will price only about £150 to £700 ($500 - $1,000). And it is a one time purchase that can be used repeatedly for each part of your body.

2. Effective Only Proper Use

IPL home devices have a good effective of hair reduction, especially for localized areas such as the lip, chin or sideburns.

3. Privacy, Convenience And Save Time

Some people prefer the privacy of doing their own personal care. There is no need for arranging appointments, commuting to the clinics. You can use the at-home device whenever you feel it is convenient.

4. Simple And Safe

The at-home hair reduction machines are easy to use and products themselves come with safety devices. Detailed instructions or DVD and customer service phone lines support success.

Can I Use A Laser (IPL) Hair Reduction Home Machine? Pros & Cons

5 Cons :

1. Result Is Not Long Last

A recent study of an FDA approved Silk'n laser hair removal home device was published by Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, a leading scientific laser journal. The 10 people in the study had 4 to 6 treatments. The results, 4 weeks after the last treatment, demonstrated an average of 36% hair reduction.

However, 12 weeks later the hair had mostly returned, and the amount lost was not considered statistically significant. In fact, 4 of the 10 had a higher hair count after 12 weeks than when they started!

2. Slower Than Professional Treatments

Not all laser home devices are as effective as laser treatment at clinic, so they are slower than professional treatments. A reason for this is because professional lasers are powered by higher energy whereas home systems only have 7-10 Joule. Another reason is because these devices use smaller treatment heads than what's used on professional laser machines.

3. Risk Of Burns And Scar

The laser home system was modified by the manufacturer to attempt to reduce the burning risk. However, lasers are always going to be risky when manned by someone who is not professionally trained in their proper use. You must follow the guidelines for safe use, make sure not to overlap the pulses on your skin and never use these devices on darker toned skins such as medium brown, dark brown, or black skins.

4. Risk Of Infection

Laser not only remove the hair, but also kill the root. So you must have a good home in the sanitary conditions to use the laser machines to avoid risk of infection.

5. Need Skills Necessary To Device

You need to posses the steady hands and make sure not to overlap the pulses on your skin by laser home systems. The removal process is very detailed and if someone tries it on themselves without proper training, the results could be infection, major skin irritation and even permanent scarring.

In summary, I recommend that prudent to pay a laser (IPL) hair removal at-home device though those machines are improving every day and are more user-friendly and safe. However, it should not really be considered as a replacement for a professional procedure at an established laser clinic.

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