Reviews For Tria 4X (Precision) Laser Hair Removal Home Device

Tria 4X Price :

£375.00 / $449.00 (90,000 Shots)

Tria Precision Price :

$299.00 (165,000 Shots)

The Tria Laser System is the first home-use hair removal devices that had approved by FDA, the other two are Silk'n IPL and Remington IPL I-Light. Most popular hair removal home devices are use IPL technology except Tria which uses diode laser technology to remove unwanted hair and it comes pretty close as salon equivalents. In recent years, the diode laser has become the superstar of laser hair removal. It is the best overall machine for treating all six skin types based on safety and long term use especially satisfactory to skin types I-IV. IPL is a light therapy and not a traditional laser, it might cause more side effects than laser treatment.

Reviews of Tria are overwhelmingly positive, especially from women with dark, coarse hair on their legs and underarm. Within 1-2 weeks, the hair is ejected from the follicle. Fairer skin and darker hair colors usually respond best to treatment. This writer, with pale skin and coarse dark hair, has seen a reduction of 50-60% hair regrowth in three months of use. However, Tria is not a 100% fail-proof miracle cure. The most effective laser hair reduction occurs when there is a striking contrast between a person's hair and skin color. In order to attain FDA approval, Tria had to reduce the power setting of its laser from that available in professional laser clinics, thus explaining the high number of sessions typically required to see results.

Reviews For Tria (Precision) Laser Hair Reduction Home Machine

Tria Laser Precision

Precision is a ultra slim version of the Tria Laser. It's only 1.8 pounds and is designed for getting into hard to reach areas like the bikini line and underarms excluding the genitals, nipples and ears. While they both have the same size head, use the same diode technology and have built-in skin tone sensors there are some differences in the features.

  • Battery Life: The 4X runs for 30 minutes and the Precision 15 minutes.
  • Settings: The 4X has five power settings and the Precision has three.
  • Power: The fifth setting on the 4X is slightly stronger than the third setting on the Precision. While the first setting is the same on each device, setting two on the Precision is about setting three on the 4X. Setting three on the Precision is between the four and five on the 4X.

  • Display: The 4X has a window that shows if the united is locked or not, a pulse counter to track the number of pulses in a single treatment, how much battery power is left, when the skin sensor is ready for use and shows the five adjustable setting levels. The Precision does not have a window, it does display three dots on the side of the unit will indicate power on, treatment level, battery charge, skin sensor lock and error status.
  • Size: 1 lb 5 oz is the weight of the 4X which is more bulkier than the 7 oz Precision made to go over the skin's curves.


Technology : Diode Laser 810 nm Wavelength
Light Energy Level : 7-20 Joules
Pulse Repetition Rate : 25 Pulses Per Minute (Level 3)
Application Window Size : 1 cm²

Good Candidate

  • Fitzpatrick Skin Type II, III, IV.
    The good candidates of Tria is people who have light skin (white, ivory, beige and light brown) and naturally medium brown to black hair. It won't work on white, gray, blond or red hair.
    There are a skin sensor on the Tria. If the skin sensor turns green, you're within the right skin tone. If it turns red, your skin is too dark and you can't use it, the Tria will unlock for use. Scarring, blistering and burning can result if it's used on the dark skin.
  • Cheek Line Downward Of Women
    The Tria can be used on women's facial hair, however it's not to be used on the man's face, jaw or neck. The skin may be injured because the hair in the beard area is too dense.

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