Reviews HoMedics (Syneron) Me My ELOS Hair Reduction System

Prices :

£326 / $544.8 (120,000 Flashes)

Replacement Elos Cartridge :

£135 / $210 (100,000 Flashes)

The Me My ELOS is the first and only at-home hair removal device that is FDA cleared to be safe and effective for ALL skin tones including darker skin.

The manufacturers is Syneron company which are the inventors of the ELOS technology and it is used worldwide for millions of professional hair removal treatments at clinic. The systems based laser had USA FDA approved and the only laser which removes white, blonds, redheads or grey hair also.

The biggest advantage of Me My ELOS is that it has proven to be able to provide long term hair reduction for all skin and hair types including tanned and it can be used on face. Perform the first treatments every two weeks for the first six weeks. A simple top-up session is then required every 2-3 months. Although, some users report that 80% hair free is untrue and misleading, especially for white, blonds, redheads or grey hairs, but they have decreased somewhat and regrow new hair which become finer, lighter.

Reviews For HoMedics (Syneron) Me My ELOS Permanent Hair Reduction Home Machine

How Does ELOS Works?

The Elos abbreviation stands for Electro-optical Synergy which is the combined effect of light energy (Lasers or IPL) and useful Radio Frequency (RF). During the hair removal procedure, the target is preheated by using Lasers or IPL, which creates a thermal path on which the RF travels. RF is delivered directly to the hair follicle, which can not further conduct RF. The build up of current density, results in the hair follicle being terminally disabled and denatured. Elos laser hair removal can destroys the hair follicle completely, whereas after ordinary laser or IPL treatment, hair follicle usually does not die and recovering 1,5 - 2 years later after the procedure.

ELOS has good results on all skin type and hair color. The ELOS advantage over standard Laser or IPL is 30% less Laser (IPL) and 100% more bi-polar Radio Frequency. Lower levels of Laser (IPL) decrease the chance of an over response in darker skin. RF is colour blind so it target the germinative part of the hair follicle rather than the melanin found in the hair shaft, or hair bulb. The RF also works in synergy with the Laser (IPL), pushing it deeper to achieve a higher level of follicle destruction than possible with single energy Laser (IPL) systems.


Review For HoMedics Me My ELOS Permanent Hair Removal At-home System

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