Reviews For Silk'n Flash&Go (Freedom) IPL Hair Removal Device

Prices :

£184.99 / $199.00 ( Two cartridges. A lamp cartridge has 1,000 Pulses )

Replacement Lamp Cartridges Retail :

£24.95 ( 1,000 Pulses )

The major different from the original Silk'n or SensEpil system is that the Flash&Go is FDA cleared for use on facial hair. It range of energy output is 5 Joules and a salon IPL machine is about more than 40 joules. Treat once every 2 weeks at first, 80% of users experienced an average of 50% total hair reduction after 3 months. A simply top-up session is then only required every 1 months. However, The Flash&Go is designed to treat a smaller area with each light pulse, meaning that for larger body areas such as the legs, it will take longer to use. For body use, the top recommended is still the larger standard Silk'n device.

June 2013, In honor of the long-lasting commitment to the Sephora business, Skinovations Ltd develops to the Silk'n Flash&Go Freedom. It is same as the Silk'n Flash&Go except selling only in Sephora

Reviews For SilkSilk'n Flash&Go (Freedom) IPL Hair Reduction Home Machine

The Difference Between Flash&Go And Original Silk'n

1. Can Be Used On Face

The Flash&Go is FDA cleared for use on facial hair. Silk'n and SensEpil are designed to treat hair growth below the neck.

2. Not Recommend To Be Used On Larger Area

The Spot Size of Flash&Go is 4.0 squared cm. Whereas Silk'n and SensEpil are 6.0 squared cm. The smaller window allows for easier facial hair removal and getting hard to reach areas, such as lips, bikini line. However, it also meaning that it will take longer to use for larger body areas, such as the legs. So if the main goal of treatment is the larger area, the top recommended is still the standard Silk'n device.

3. Quicker Pulse

Flash&Go gives off one pulse per 3.5 seconds, versus Silk'n and SensEpil give off one pulse per 5 seconds.

4. More Flashes

The Flash&Go has 1000 pulses on its cartridge, that's 250 more than the Silk'n and SensEpil.

5. More Compact

Flash&Go is a compact handheld tool that is shaped like a laser gun, making it easy to grip and reach around the body.

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