Reviews For Sephora No! No! Hair Removal At-home Unit

Prices : £125 / $185.00

Sephora No! No! is based on Thermicon technology, it induces high electrical heat down to the root of your hair follicles and also the skin cells surrounding it, thus destroy the hair and any growth mechanisms at the root of that hair. This should read in essence it burns the hair so sometimes you can get that icky burnt hair smell.

Using No! No! requires a time commitment. It usually spend 20 to 30 minutes per time and do this 2 or 3 times a week. With a little patience and dedication, the long term results are truly worth it! However, some users report that No! No! only burned off the baby fuzz and does not stop the hair growth but that's it.

The Sephora No! No! home device is gentle on the skin, is completely pain-free and super-easy to use. There's a little green light that tells you whether you're doing it correctly or not. But it quite easy to get the light to stay on steadily as it should. Do not use on face, breasts or genital area.

Reviews For Sephora No! No! Hair Reduction Home Unit
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