Side Effects Of Using Laser Hair Removal At-home Systems
3 Steps To Avoid

Strictly speaking, the risks of laser (IPL) at-home device is same as at-clinic but different degrees. In order to attain FDA approval, those devices had to reduce the power setting of its laser from that available in professional laser clinics, thus explaining the high number of sessions typically required to see results. However, lasers are always going to be risky when manned by someone who is not professionally trained in their proper use. The consumer should make sure to note all warnings and side effects and any allergies that they may have before purchasing such laser kits, especially darker skin.

1. Most Common Is Reddening, Mild Swelling

They are usually mild and only last a few days. Mild stinging is normal but any excessive pain means that something is wrong and the laser treatment should stop if adjusting the settings does not help.

2. The Second Risk Is Infection

The hair has to be removed not only from the top of the skin but underneath at the root. If this process is done improperly it can lead to infection of the skin.

Side Effects Of Using Laser Hair Removal At-home Devices, 3 Steps To Avoid

3. More Severe And Extremely Complications Is Blistering, Scarring And Discoloration Of The Skin

They are extremely rare and usually happen when the laser is used on skin that is tanned or too dark for the laser to work properly. There are also happen if laser (IPL) home device is not done correctly. One of the major reasons that can be difficult to do yourself is that you have to make sure not to overlap the pulses on your skin. If you go over the same area that you already did with the laser, it can cause extreme pain and possible permanent scarring.

4. Eye Damage

Home IPL's are not super powerful and IPL light is not coherent, so it is less likely to damage the eye than a powerful laser. None the less, do NOT use it on your eyebrows or near your eyes, the eyebrow zapping is strictly forbidden. This can be dangerous and cause infection or even blindness.

The Following Provided Three Steps To Avoid The Risks :

Steps 1. Buying An FDA Approved Product

This means that the product you are about to use has been testing thoroughly for consumer safety which greatly reduces the risk of any complications or undesired side effects. There are two home devices be approved by FDA, Silk'n and Tria.

Steps 2. Following Instructions

Tria and Silk'n come with built in safety features. Follow manufacturer guidelines as a minimum and err on the conservative side when using any laser system. The instructions will include reminding patients that dark skin tones are not ideal for laser hair reduction since the whole method relies on the properties of light being attracted by darker pigments. Light skinned people with dark hair are the ideal. Anyone with tanned, to brown, to dark skin should avoid laser treatment.

Steps 3. Using Common Sense

Following manufacturer guidelines and buying FDA approved products really are common sense. But don't stop there, if, at any moment during use, there is growing pain or discomfort it would be wise to discontinue use and seek the help of a medical professional if it is anything serious. Also, in the rare even that burns or blisters do appear it is a good idea to seek medical advice immediately to avoid permanent scars.

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