Reviews For Rio IPL Pro Hair Remover At-home Device

Pro Price :

£369.19 / $659.00 (40,000 Flashes)

IPL 8000 Price :

£255.97 / $529.00 (40,000 Flashes)

Replacement Lamp Cartridges Retail :

£69.99 / $101.94 (Each lamp cartridge emits 40,000 flashes)

The key advantages of the Rio IPL 8000 Hair Remover Home Device is the coverage of larger area. With a Spot Size of 35mm x 15mm the Rio IPL 8000 uses IPL technology to target up to 180 hairs within seconds. It meaning that Rio IPL is suitable for larger areas such as legs, arms, back and chest. Initially you should aim to perform treatments at 2 weeks intervals. When you have achieved good results, repeat the treatment every 4 - 6 weeks to maintain. However, it is generally considered to be effective after 6 treatments over a 6 months period.

The Rio IPL Pro is based on the Rio IPL 8000 but 33% more power and 20% faster than it for improved performance. Rio Pro is a good option for people who want to get ride of unwanted hair for large of body area. The treatment is very quick, for example it only takes a couple of minutes to treat the underarm area.

Reviews For Rio IPL Pro Hair Reduction Home Machine


  • Suitable on everywhere except near the eyes.
  • Works effectively on dark-blond, brown, black hair.
  • NOT suitable red, grey, light-blond hair.
  • NOT suitable for darker skin (Fitzpatrick Skin Type V - VI).

Reviews For Rio IPL Pro Home Machine

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