Reviews Remington IPL I-Light Pro Hair Removal At-home

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£287.27 / $399.99 (30,000 Flashes, About 50 Body Treatments Including Underarms, Lower Legs, Bikini Line)

The first-generation Remington IPL5000 i-Light already has sold more than 100,000 units worldwide and quickly became the number-one selling at-home IPL device in continental Europe following its launch in early 2010. Finally, it has won clearance from the FDA to sell its next-generation IPL6000 i-Light Pro in 2011. The IPL6000 I-Light Pro is faster and more powerful, the exclusive ProPulse technology is different than other IPL at-home systems because it has output parameters similar to clinical machines which can cost as much as $100,000.

Reviews For Remington IPL6000 I-Light Pro Hair Reduction Home Machine

Most users report that they are enjoy the same results as professional IPL hair removal from the highest setting on the I-Light and it is far cheaper than IPL treatment at clinics. According to the users :

  • 10-15% hair reduction after the first time treatment.
  • 20-35% hair reduction after the second time treatment.
  • 40-60% hair reduction for 3 months after the third time treatment.

However, the hair reduction results is not permanent, top-up treatments is required every 3 months or so to keep the strays away. If stop treatment, the hairs that grow back are finer and less dense. And the highest setting are incredibly painful.


Light Energy Level : 7-8 Joules
Pulse Repetition Rate : 2 seconds. It can overheat after about 10 mins of use on high and takes about 5 minutes to cool down.
Application Window Size : 2 cm²


  • Suitable women and men on body below the neck, including legs, underarms, bikini/groin area, chest, stomach and arms.
  • NOT suitable for use on or around the face, head, ears or neck.
  • Works effectively on light to medium skin colors and on naturally black or brown hair.
  • NOT suitable red, grey, light-blond hair.
  • NOT suitable for very dark skin (Fitzpatrick Skin Type V-VI).
    Reviews For Remington IPL6000 I-Light Pro Hair Reduction Home Device

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