Do You Need Professional Clinic To Carry Out Laser Hair Removal

Professional laser hair removal has been more widely used and about 2010, a new option burst onto the scene : At-home Laser (IPL) Hair Removal Devices. Is it possible to replace the in-clinic procedure with privacy, relatively cheap. Although they are essentially safe and increasingly common, but not without risk. As a patient, you will be concerned about the safety and hair reduction results. Then, let's know that do you need a professional clinic to carry out laser treatment or at-home?

The Effectiveness

  • The key of a good effectiveness is using the correct laser to you base on your skin type.

    Professional laser treatment can judgement it correct in general. Home equipment are unified specifications not individually tailored to you. Ideal for at-home laser hair reduction is dark brown or black hair on light or fair skin. They can pay less than half the cost of clinic treatment, and save money on maintenance procedures after the initial sessions. If you fall outside of these parameters, you may not experience optimal results with an at-home device.
Do You Need A Professional Clinic To Carry Out Laser Hair Reduction Treatment?
  • It is important that you see a trained professional who is experienced in laser treatment. Choosing the right laser is critical in determining how many treatments are needed. Home systems is you can not control.

    A recent study of an FDA approved Silk'n laser hair removal home device was published by Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, a leading scientific laser journal. The 10 people in the study had 4 to 6 treatments. The results, 4 weeks after the last treatment, demonstrated an average of 36% hair reduction. However, 12 weeks later the hair had mostly returned, and the amount lost was not considered statistically significant. In fact, 4 of the 10 had a higher hair count after 12 weeks than when they started!

The Safety

  • Lasers are always going to be risky both in the clinic or at home, these risks are heightened when the person performing the treatment is not trained in the proper use of lasers, such as with all at-home laser systems. So, you must ensure that you can follow the correct guidelines. Never use on African-Americans and other dark-skinned people; Use caution on face, do not use it on your eyebrows or near your eyes; Not overlap the pulses.
  • At the same time professional laser treatment will strictly observe the health, first aid and other can be caused of the risk you can not do at home.

The only major drawback to professional clinic laser hair removal treatment really appears to the cost associated with the process, but it is worth. These cheap home laser machines should not be considered as a replacement for a professional procedure at an established clinic. The process required to severe the hair follicle in the subepidermal layer requires an enormous amount of energy, that only large commercial machines are able to produce.

We Recommend That :

Consider whether you can afford to have a professional sequence of therapy, using a home laser device for top-up DIY treatment in between. Home laser systems are typically only suited to light skin and dark hair. In any case, you should always carry out a patch test. The devices must to fit for you and have been approved by the FDA. If there are no reactions, you are well set to save yourself thousands of dollars needed for a course of appointments at a clinic. Otherwise, you need a professional clinic laser treatment.

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