Reviews For Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL Device

SC2003 For Face & Body Cost :

£349.00 / $799.99 (100,000 Flashes)

SC2006 For Body Cost :

£490.00 / $849.00 (140,000 Flashes)

Philips Lumea IPL System uses gentle pulses of light and only strong enough to put hair follicles into resting phase, not to disable them completely. The clinical studies for more than 1500 volunteers for 10 years have shown significant hair reduction in as little as 2 bi-weekly treatments, with optimal hair-free results achieved after 4-5 bi-weekly treatments, there are around an 80% reduction in hair.

Because of the lower joules (2-6.5), the hair reduction is not permanent, treated areas remain hair-free as long as treatments are performed every 4-6 weeks. If you stop, the hair will come back normal. However, the lower joules making Lumea more safety, it possible for someone with darker or mild tanning skin to use which other similar products can not do it.

Overall, Lumea IPL is not the product for people who want fast instant results. Patients is needed, but in the long run it will make your hair growth a lot more manageable.

Reviews For Philips Lumea Plus IPL Hair Reduction Home System, SC2003

Philips Lumea has no fiddly cables connected to the hand-held device when in use, which is much more convenient than other similar products and do not need to replace the bulb. Philips is set to show off the Lumea Precision Plus SC2003 at September 2012. It is an update on the previous model Lumea SC2002 and offers 30% faster treatment time with a unique tracking system that glides across the surface of the skin treating both legs in just 15 minutes. It has two attachments, a body attachment for everywhere below the neckline, and a precision attachment specially designed for facial application. But, as male facial hair is stronger, the precision attachment is not effective on male facial hair.


Light Energy Level : Body Attachment: 2-6.5 Joules, Face Attachment: 2-5.5 Joules
Pulse Repetition Rate : 3-5 seconds. Not needing a cool-down break. It will shuts off for a mandatory 2 mins if it gets too hot.
Application Window Size : Body Attachment: 3 cm², Face Attachment: 2 cm²


  • Suitable on everywhere except near the eyes.
  • Suitable for body of men but NOT for face.
  • Works effectively on dark-blond, brown, black hair.
  • NOT suitable for light blond, white, grey or red hair.
  • NOT suitable for very dark skin Skin Type VI.

Reviews For Philips Lumea Plus IPL Hair Reduction Home Device

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