Reviews For 16 (IPL) Laser Hair Removal At-home Systems

Remington IPL6000 I-Light Pro

1. Remington IPL6000 I-Light Pro - FDA Approved

Prices : £287.27 / $399.99 (30,000 Flashes)
The exclusive ProPulse technology has output parameters similar to clinical machines which can cost as much as $100,000. Most users report that they are enjoy the same results as professional IPL and it is far cheaper than ...

Boots Smooth Skin IPL

2. Boots Smooth Skin extra IPL - Can Facial Hair

Cost : £299.99 (100,000 Flashes)
It range of energy output is 10 joules which is the highest available on the home IPL devices market (except Tria Diode Laser) and a salon IPL machine is about more than 40 joules. The clinical trial show that 68% hair reduction 6 months...

Philips Lumea IPL At-home Machine

3. Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL - Can Facial Hair

Prices : £349.00 / $799.99 (100,000 Flashes)
The clinical studies for more than 1500 volunteers have shown significant hair reduction in as little as 2 bi-weekly treatment, with optimal hair-free result achieved after 4-5 bi-weekly treatment, there are around an 80% reduction ...

Tria Laser At-home System

4. Tria Laser 4X System - FDA Approved, Can Facial Hair, Only Laser

Cost : £375 / $440 (90,000 Flashes)

5. Tria Precision - FDA Approved, Can Facial Hair, Only Laser

Cost : $299.00 (165,000 Shots)

Tria uses diode laser technology and reviews are overwhelmingly positive, especially from women with dark, coarse hair. Within 1-2 weeks, the hair is ejected from the follicle. They have seen a reduction of 50-60% hair regrowth ...

Silk'n IPL At-home Device

6. Silk'n IPL & SensEpil - FDA Approved

Cost : £190 / $199 ( 750 Pulses )

7. Silk'n Flash&Go (Freedom) IPL - FDA Approved, Can Facial Hair

Cost : £229 / $297 ( 1000 Pulses )

A study of 150 women who used the Silk for 6 months reportedly achieved promising results on different treatment areas, an average of 41% total hair reduction on the underarms ...

HoMedics (Syneron) Me My ELOS System

8. HoMedics (Syneron) Me My ELOS - Can Facial Hair, First FDA Cleared For Darker Skin

Prices : £349.99 / $695.85 (100,000 Flashes)
The biggest advantage of HoMedics ELOS is that it has proven to be able to provide long term hair reduction for all skin and hair types including tanned skin and white, blonds, redheads or grey hair ...


9. E-One IPL

Prices : €1395.00 (3000 Flashes)
About 8 days after each treatment, effectively treated hairs will start to fall out progressively until the 15 days on average. After 2 treatments, the results are very positive since 85% of users prefer using the E-One than waxing ...

10. VISS IPL - Can Skin Rejuvenation & Acne Care


Prices : £349.99 / $485.00 (4,000 Flashes)
It is manufactured by BNB Medical which is a Korean based company. So we consider that it is more suitable for Asian (Type IV). In fact, VISS is a versatile and flexible multiple applications IPL beauty machines ...

Sephora No! No!

11. Sephora No! No!

Prices : £125.00 / $185.00
In essence, Sephora No! No! burns the hair so sometimes you can get that icky burt hair smell. However, some users report that No! No! only burned off the baby fuzz and does not stop the hair growth but that's it ...

Rio IPL 8000

12. Rio IPL Pro

Price : £369.19 / $659.00 (40,000 Flashes)
The key advantage of the Rio is the coverage of larger area. With a Spot Size of 35mm x 15mm the Rio target up to 180 hairs within seconds. It meaning that it is suitable for larger areas such as legs, arms, back and chest ...

Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL

13. Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL - Can Facial Hair

Price : £399.99 (50,000 Flashes)
It is the result of a partnership between P&G and CyDen, a pioneering British beauty and health company leading in light-based cosmetic treatments ...

evo Derma LUMI IPL

14. evo Derma LUMI IPL

Price : £319.00 / $540.00 (50,000 Shots)
The biggest advantage of LUMI is 30% faster treatment time than comparable home-based devices. LUMI was designed with the largest applicator tip on the market (19mm x 32mm). This means you are treating more hair ...

Venus CW-808 Laser

15. Venus CW-808 Laser

Price : £119.00 / $199.00
The Venus CW-808 is a laser device manufactured in South Korea by BNB Medical Co., Ltd for hair reduction at home. It has received the CE mark from the European Union but it failed to get FDA approval in USA since the FDA warned BNB Medical that this product did not meet the strict advertising standards in the US ...

Espil IPL BSL-10

16. Espil IPL BSL-10

Price : £229.99 / $299.99 (3,000-8,000 flashes)
Espil is manufactured by BNB Medical which is a Korean based company. The max energy level is 25 Joule which is close to the level of medical 40 Joule. However, many users report that Espil does work but it burns and the treatment sessions is painful. It does not have any main advantage over any other home systems ...

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