Reviews For E-One IPL Hair Removal Home Machine

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The E-One is a personal epilator which uses IPL technology resembles the same technology found in the IPL used by professional hair removal therapists. Over 2 years ago, the committee embarked on a clinical study under medical surveillance, with 63 volunteers participating in the survey. The volunteers were both male and female, ages 18 to 55, with a wide range of skin types (II, III, IV). In this trial, the underarm area was selected to undergo testing. A hair reduction session was performed on each individual, selected randomly, with a balance of wax and E-One. They were performed both 15 minutes and 24 hours after the first session.

This following chart shows the result of the clinical study regarding the user after removing hair with E-One and with a waxing over 343 days. About 8 days after each treatment, effectively treated hairs will start to fall out progressively until the 15 days on average. After 2 treatments, the results are very positive since 85% of users prefer using the E-One than doing waxing.

Reviews For E-ONE IPL Hair Reduction Home Device

Now in Europe more than 30,000 users are using the E-One to removing hair at home. It has met the European 60601-1 standard for medical devices and the E-One recipient of the French inventor of the year award in 2007. E-One also pass the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 electrical safety tests. It can be purchased in UK, Australia and New Zealand, and has not in USA.

Each E-One device is unique and has its own serial number. It was designed with a total of 12 stages of safety, meaning users have to confirm they are using the device safely. The implementation of these interactive safety precautions enables a higher level of safety in the comfort of your home. After 2 years of sales in France, about more than 18000 users have confirmed that the E-One is painless to use. However, E-One is expensive than other at-home laser/IPL hair removal devices and it weighs 6kg, somewhat heavy, not easy to carry.


3 Steps To Using E-ONE IPL At Home

1. Clean The Skin

The skin area to be treated by the E-One IPL has to be perfectly clean and clear from any cosmetic product.

2. Apply Optical Gel, Put On Safety Glasses

Apply the Optical Gel generously in the area you wish to remove the hair. Optical Gel is required and this comes with the E-One. The gel is applied to the skin before flashing it with the E-One, it's similar to the gel that's used in ultrasound scans.

Then put on the Safety Glasses. The glasses must be worn when you start a treatment with the E-One Device until you turn it off. The safety glasses also have to be worn by the people around you during that time. The glasses are essential to protect your eyes from the light of the flash.

3 Steps To Using E-ONE IPL Hair Reduction Home Machine

3. Commencing Treatment

Place the clear glass surface of the Applicator Head on the skin surface, inside the area to be treated. Once the desired area has been treated, place the Applicator Head back in its cradle. For each flash, an area of 3cm x 2cm is depilated.

About 8 days after each treatment, effectively treated hairs will start to fall out progressively (until the 15 days on average). Separated approx 2 months apart. Finally, after about 10 to 12 sessions only 1 or 2 uses per year should be required to keep skin clear and hair free.

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