Boots Smooth Skin extra IPL Hair Reduction Home System

Extra Prices :

£299.99 (100,000 Flashes, Can Last Up To 5 Years Of Treatments, No Replacement Cartridges Needed)

Original Prices : £174.99 (10,000 Flashes)       Replacement Handset : £163.40

PLUS Prices : £399.99 (20,000 Flashes, Once 20,000 Shots Have Been Used The Item Can No Longer Be Used)

Activator Gel 200ml : £3.05

Boots Smooth Skin IPL by iPulse at-home system uses IPL technology and is a mini version of the machines which are used in salons. It range of energy output is 10 joules which is the highest available on the home IPL devices market (except Tria Diode Laser) and a salon IPL machine is about more than 40 joules. The clinical trials show that 68% hair reduction 6 months after treatment and 87% of participants agreed they had noticeably less hair on the main problem area – the legs. To achieve best results iPulse recommend treating weekly for 12 treatments and once a month afterwards to maintain the results. If stop treatment, a small number of hair follicles are still to regrow new hair which become finer, lighter. Another major advantage is that Boots can be used on the face and the new SmoothSkin extra can suitable for skin tones I-V.

Reviews For Boots Smooth Skin extra IPL Hair Reduction At-home Machine

The original Boots IPL system that was launched on the market in 2009 had restrictions on the range of skin tones it could safely treat and the amount of flashes (3 skin tones and 10,000 flashes). In 2011, the Boots Plus was launched as the upgraded model which provided 20,000 flashes and was able to treat up to skin tone IIII.


Light Energy Level : 7-10 Joules
Pulse Repetition Rate : 6 seconds. It would last work about 15-30 mins then it will need to be recharged again about 30 mins.
Application Window Size : 3 cm²


  • Suitable on everywhere except near the eyes.
    Do not recommend treating the Male face and removing the beard area of hair, the skin may be injured because the hair in the beard area is too dense.

  • NOT suitable for PCOS sufferers.
  • NOT suitable red, grey, light-blond hair.
  • NOT suitable for very dark skin (Fitzpatrick Skin Type VI).

Reviews For Boots IPL Hair Reduction At-home Device


  • Using the Boots weekly for 6 to 12 weeks will give the best results and help to achieve permanent hair reduction.
  • Not use it more than once a week on the same area.
  • After you have used it do not expose the treated area to the sun for 24 hours.
    If you have been sunbathing or using fake tan, Boots is not suitable for use for 30 days afterwards.

A Customer's Diary To Using Boots Smooth Skin

I will shave my underarms before treatment and letting hair grow between each session, it is meaning that the picture below show 1 weeks growth approx. A click is heard and then that area has been treated. It did not feel painful at all and I didn't jump out of my skin! It is a very strange feeling, the skin warmed up and I felt what I can only describe as a light sting ...

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