A Customer's Diary To Using Boots Smooth Skin IPL At Home

Today, I started my first treatment using the Boots Smooth Skin. I had did a patch test by Boots on Friday as this is what is recommended. After 48 hours, the patch test went well and I had no reactions at all. I have decided to treat my underarm hair to begin with. It seems an good ideal selection for the first site as it is a much smaller area, and therefore should be much simpler and quicker to treat. One day each week and I will using the system for 12 weeks. I will shave my underarms before treatment and letting hair grow between each session, it is meaning that the picture below show 1 weeks growth approx.

A Customer's Diary To Using Boots IPL Hair Removal At-Home Device

I set the machine to the right skin tone setting by matching my skin in that area to the skin tone chart in the instructions. It is vitally important to do this because if the wrong skin setting is selected then you could be at risk from skin burns. My skin matched the medium skin tone in the chart so I selected the medium setting on the ipulse.

The preparation was extremely simple, all I had to do was make sure the area being treated was clean and shaven. Once prepared, I applied a thick layer of the activator gel and waited a couple of seconds for the machine to flash ready. As directed from the instruction manual, I started by treating the hairs furthest away from the centre of the underarm, nearest the elbow, moving in straight line towards the breast. Ensuring all the contact pins were touching the skin, the red light on the handset triggered and I pressed the button.

A click is heard and then that area has been treated. It did not feel painful at all and I didn't jump out of my skin! It is a very strange feeling, the skin warmed up and I felt what I can only describe as a light sting. It was slightly more uncomfortable in the centre of my armpit, but I was expecting this as it had stated it in the instructions. As stated in the instructions, the centre of the underarm has thicker hair growth, so can be more sensitive. I did find this to be the case, but it most definitely was not a deterrent. I treated the hairs in a straight line going towards the breast, being careful not to treat the same area twice. It was really fast and I managed to treat both underarms in less than 10 minutes!

Boots Smooth Skin Diary

When I was finished. I wiped the excess gel away and applied after sun lotion to the area. My armpits only felt a tiny bit sensitive but nothing to write home about. It was the kind of sensitivity you would get say, if you used a blunt razor which irritated the skin. Overall, my first treatment was quick, easy and left me with a great smile of hope on my face.

I had taken pictures before each session. Through The Pictures Next Page, you can see the percentage of hair reduction after seven days from last treatment by Boots Smooth Skin. I will shave my underarms before treatment and letting hair grow between each session, it is meaning that the picture 1 weeks growth approx.

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