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Skin Type Typical Features Tanning Ability Laser Hair Removal Results Score
Fitzpatrick Skin Type I
Type I
Skin: Pale White
(May Appear Blue)

Hair: Blond/Red/Albino
Eye: Blue/Green/Hazel

Highly Sun-sensitive
Always Burn
Never Tan

Most Effective.

Type I absorbs the least amount of laser, so a relatively high can be used to hair follicles. The results in an extremely effective, painless and need fewer session. The result also contributed by the hair color. Type I with lighter hair usually works hard than darker hair.

Darker Hair : Alexandrite ; Diode ; IPL
Lighter Hair : ELOS ; Ultrasonic

Fitzpatrick Skin Type II
Type II
Skin: Fair
Hair: Blond/Red
Eye: Blue/Green/Hazel
Very Sun-sensitive
Burn Easily
Tan Minimally

Very Effective.

Type II absorbs very little laser light, so a relatively high amount of energy can be used to hair follicles. It resulting in excellent permanent results.

Darker Hair : Alexandrite ; Diode ; IPL
Lighter Hair : ELOS ; Ultrasonic

Fitzpatrick Skin Type III
Type III
Skin: Darker White
Hair: Any Color
Eye: Any Color

Example :
Darker Caucasians, European Mix
Sometimes Burn
Slowly Tan To Light Brown

Effective On Type III With Dark Hairs.

Skin Type III absorbs more laser light than lighter shades of skin, so the energy on some types of lasers may be turned down somewhat to avoid damaging the skin. The laser procedure may not provide permanent results for light brown or blonde hair that is not markedly darker than the skin.

Darker Hair : Diode ; IPL
Lighter Hair : ELOS ; Ultrasonic

Fitzpatrick Skin Type IV
Type IV
Skin: Light Brown. Olive
Hair: Dark Hair
Eye: Brown
(May Blue/Green)

Example :
American Indian
Mini Sun-sensitive
Burn Minimally
Tans To Moderate Brown

Tend To Achieve Good Results.

Type IV absorbs more lasers. However, they are tend to achieve good results as they have dark hair and their skin pigmentation is minimal. Choosing the correct equipment is the key. A few more visits need to be scheduled. If you are currently tanned you should wait before have any laser treatment.

Diode ; Syneron ELOS ; Ultrasonic

Fitzpatrick Skin Type V
Type V
Skin: Brown, Dark Olive
Hair: Black/Dark Brown
Eye: Brown
(May Blue/Green)

Example :
Middle Eastern
Rarely Burns
Tans Well

Type V varies from dark white skin to medium brown and have a lot of pigment. They can absorbs a large amount of lasers. Those who have light skin color can reach the good result. The people with darker skin are not good candidate to laser hair removal. Sometimes skin bleaching can make it as effective as possible.

Currently, ELOS and Ultrasonic are idea for this skin type. These new technology are not target at the melanin in the hair shaft, hair bulb or epidermis.

; Syneron ELOS ; Ultrasonic

Over 30
Fitzpatrick Skin Type VI
Type VI
Skin: Dark Brown, Black
Hair: Black
Eye: Dark Brown

Example :
Middle Eastern
Never Burns
Deeply Pigmented

Not Candidate For Laser Hair Removal.

Type VI absorbs a very large amount of laser radiation, which raises the risk of burns, scars and keloids. Perhaps, Ultrasonic is the only good idea even though it has not get the FDA-approved.

Nd:YAG Laser ; Ultrasonic

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