A Patient's Diary To Compare For
Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis, Waxing, Shaving And Cream For Legs

I have never shaved my legs before, but the soft, curly red hair that prompted my family to start calling me hobbit-legs, helped me want to shave (see picture of following). So I decided to learn about the different methods of hair removal. I planned to first compare the various methods based on pain, cost and effectiveness. Then, I would research each independently, and finally, I would speak to the people who do the different procedures at salons and clinics. I divided each of my legs into three or four different sections using a permanent marker and planned to apply each of the methods to one section of my legs. I figured this would give me a first-hand experience of the pain and cost, as well as allow me to compare how long it took for hair removed with each method to grow back.

A Patient's Diary To Compare For Laser Hair Reduction, Electrolysis, Waxing, Shaving And Cream For Legs

1. Options
I decided to try seven different methods :

(a) Laser Hair Removal
(b) Hot Waxing At Salon, Cold & Warm Waxing At-home, Nair Cream, Shaving
(c) Electrolysis In Salon

2 & 3. Monitoring Hair Regrowth & Conclusion

1-(a) Hair Reduction Options - Laser Hair Removal

To start my process, I called a salon, a laser treatment facility and an electrologist. The first to call me back was Cindy Greene, and I set up an appointment for the upcoming Friday. The next to call me back was the Berman Skin Institute. I also set up a time to do a consult with them. The salon also called me back. However, they would not do the section of my leg reserved for the hot salon wax because they only treated whole legs. Two days later, we went to Longs and bought cold wax strips, hot wax, Nair, shaving cream and a razor (my mom loves these experiments).

Got to the Berman Skin Institute at 10:15 a.m. and was given some paperwork to fill out. After, I was taken to a room with a round table. I spoke with a nurse named Annabel and asked her some questions about laser hair reduction. She said that it was called reduction because the laser targets the dark pigments found in hair follicles, but doesn't completely get rid of it. Even if the majority of the hair doesn't come back, some new hair does grow, and so at least five treatments are necessary.

A Patient's Diary To Compare For Laser, Electrolysis, Waxing, Shaving And Cream For Legs

She said that she didn't recommend laser hair reduction for anyone under 16. However, they had done the treatment on 14- and 15-year-olds teens before. Annabel also said that when you come in for laser treatments, you should have shaved the area you are treating because otherwise, the hair burns and could damage the skin.

They use two lasers: one for people with lighter skin and one for people with darker skin. Because the laser can hurt, they use a cream that numbs the skin. Even so, there can still be burning and possibly blistering. She treated a small portion of my leg (near ankle). It felt a little like a rubber band was snapping against my skin every once in a while, it was not that painful overall.

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