Can I Have Free Laser Hair Removal On The NHS In The UK?
6 Steps To Get A Affordable Treatment

The NHS will usually not provide laser hair reduction treatment for free, because the procedure is viewed as purely cosmetic and there are other simpler, less expensive alternatives. This criteria also includes areas cosmetic surgery and laser eye correction. Some women have an underlying hormonal problem such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which can cause abnormal hair growth. Treatment offered on the NHS for these kinds of conditions is usually medication in the form of tablet or hormone injection. However, the NHS may pay for laser treatment for the patient with extreme hair growth and conditions.

Laser treatment isn't cheap. You may have to go through several treatment sessions and maybe even follow-ups annually. It could run you hundreds of dollars. Even though it's more costly than simple beauty care, you can still get the treatment at a discount. Follow these guidelines to learn how.

6 Steps To Get A Affordable Laser Hair Reduction Treatment. Can I Have Free On The NHS In The UK?

1. Search A Clinic On Forum.

Search under your city for other people who've had the procedure. They may be able to recommend a cheap clinic.

2. Check Yellow Pages For Clinics In Your Area.

Call and set up consultations.

3. Visit At Least Four Clinics Before Making Decision.

Talk with the practitioner about the procedure, area you want treated and expected outcome.

4. Ask How Much The Clinics Charge.

Typically it costs $150 to $300 for a full face treatment, $200 to $400 for half legs and $200 to $500 for your back.

5. Comparison Several Factors Before Choosing Clinic.

Weigh the practitioner's demeanor, the cost and the treatment plan of each clinic. You have to feel absolutely comfortable with your decision.

6. Pay For Multiple Treatments Up Front.

You'll end up saving money overall.

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