Laser & IPL Hair Removal Average Prices In America

Laser hair removal is increasingly popular and over 1.5 million treatments were done in 2012. Of course, it actually do not come cheaply and some health insurance plans do not compensate for it. However, the cost is slowing decreasing in price. Based on data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, hair removal by laser (NO IPL) average cost is about $429 per treatment. The treatment need an average of 4-6 sessions for a final result that approximately 80% hair reduction.

Laser (No IPL) Prices / Per Treatment

Upper Lip or Chin: $80-120
Full Beard: $120-180
Full Face: $200-300
Hands or Feet: $75-100
Both Underarms: $120-200
Shoulders: $150-300
Both Half Arms: $150-300
Both Full Arms: $300-400
Both Half Legs: $200-350
Both Full Legs: $350-500
Bikini Line: $100-200
Full Pubic, Brazilian: $300
Buttocks: $150-250
Chest or Abdomen: $250-300
Lower or Upper Back: $200-300
Full Back: $400-500

Each Region Prices / Per

Midwest : $500
East : $450
South : $300
West : $450
National Average Costs : $429

Laser Hair Removal General Average Prices in America

IPL Prices In American

Lasers equipment is expensive, between $70,000 and $160,000, for Diode or Nd: YAG types and demanded a lot of maintenance. IPL devices is often cheaper, it only about $30,000 - $70,000. The lower costs of IPL equipment is the biggest reason why the IPL is so popular and the typical cost of per session for IPL is about half of laser treatment. However, IPL uses various wavelengths of light, instead of a single, targeted wavelength of lasers, and this is less effective. It is means that you will need more sessions for IPL treatment. In the long-term, you will spend the same for laser and IPL.

Upper Lip / Chin : $65-90
Eyebrows : $60-100
Full Beard : $100-150
Full Face : $150-200
Both Underarms : $65-90
Shoulders : $100-200
Both Half Arms : $130-250
Both Full Arms : $200-300
Both Half Legs : $200-330
Both Full Legs : $150-250
Bikini Line : $65-130
Full Pubic, Brazilian : $200
Buttocks : $150-200
Chest or Abdomen : $140-200
Lower or Upper Back : $165-250
Full Back : $250-350
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