A Patient's Diary To Compare For Laser Hair Removal At Clinic And Using Boots Smooth Skin At-home - Session 1

Laser hair removal has increased in popularity so much in recent years that now, in addition to professional clinic treatment, professional-style laser machines are available to buy for home use. But are they as good? While it may work out cheaper to buy a home laser machine, is it money well spent, will the hair reduction be the same for both? I decided to investigate and try out three different treatments simultaneously, a professional treatment for bikini area hair at a clinic of Harley street, and for legs, the Boots Smooth Skin and the E-One.

Professional For Bikini : First Session

The first treatment may be quite uncomfortable. The bikini area is so sensitive and each little laser flash on my skin is so intense. After the treatment the bikini area is red for a while, which is normal and to be expected.

Costs :

£120, 30 Mins

A Week Later :

The hair growth has slowed down a lot and I am using my razor a lot more sparingly in the shower.

6 Weeks Later :

There are large areas of my bikini line which are completely hair free and my skin is baby soft.

A Patient's Diary To Compare Laser Hair Reduction At Clinic And Using Boots Smooth Skin At-home

Boots For Left Leg : First Session

It's a bit fiddly to use at first, particularly when it comes to reaching round to the back of my leg but I get used to it quite quickly and the fact the laser won't activate until it's positioned correctly is very reassuring. From start to finish, takes just about 35 minutes for my left leg. However, this included 5 minutes of shut-down time, as the device has to cool down after 30 minutes of constant use.

The sensation on my skin is one of intense heat, though only for a second. And it's not quite as hot as the heat from the laser used in a professional clinic. Though there is eventually the rather disconcerting smell of burning hair. Again, this is not as bad as I expected it to be, the skin is certainly not as red as it is normally after a professional treatment.

Costs :


A Week Later :

There is a definite difference in growth between both legs. The left leg now be treated has a few hairless patches, even after just one treatment. The hair is growing a lot faster however than the hair on my bikini line.

E-One For Right Leg : First Session

It is easy to use. The heat released is minimal, there is very little redness and hardly any discomfort whatsoever.

Costs :


A Week Later :

There are a few clear patches on my skin but only a few. It looks like the Boots has done a better job.

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