7 Steps To Choose A Good Laser Hair Removal Practitioner

Once you decide you want laser hair removal treatment, it is not as easy as heading to the first dermatologist you find online. Since a botched job could cause lifelong scars, you should choose a practitioner who not only charges a price you like, but who will provide the best possible service. Remember that the significance of choosing an appropriate practitioner cannot be underrated.

A skilled laser technician is highly trained in laser operations and laser science. A strong background in the fundamentals of laser physics makes the treatment more predictable. The laser settings require proper wavelength settings, pulse width, and frequency. All of these settings are dependent on the patients skin type. The skin type is determined by the Fitzpatrick Scale. This is based on grading the skin's darkness or lightness based on the patient answering a simple questionnaire. For example a client may be fairly light skinned, likes to sun herself and has a Mediterranean background. This client may be a Fitzpatrick III after review of the rest of the questionnaire. If the laser technician fails to understand that the client with Mediterranean background may be a Type III, the settings of the laser may be wrong. Incorrect choice of wavelength and settings could leave this individual with areas of hypopigmentation. This is more of a mishap rather than a side effect. The following are the seven steps that we have proposed :

7 Steps To Choose A Good Laser Hair Reduction Practitioner

Step 1 : Number Of Clients The Practitioner Have Treated

For a start, you may want to do an online search to find list of practitioners in your area. This will be your primary list of people that are available to do your procedure. Ultimately, you will want to select one that is both within your price range and seems the most qualified.

The best candidates for the place of your practitioner are doctors who specialize in dermatology or plastic surgery. They will have the most experience with laser hair removal and probably a better knowledge of the range of machines available. You should get an opinion of the extent of his experience with laser treatment, like how many procedures he has completed, how many years he has been performing, and where he was taught in laser technology.

7 Steps To Choose A Good Laser Hair Reduction Practitioner

Step 2 : Check Forums To See If Anyone Has Any Complaints About The Practitioner

One more decisive factor that you may want to use to narrow your potential list is to explore the web for reviews from clients who have had the procedure done by a certain practitioner. This information may be difficult to find, if you can come across it at all, but it does not harm to try. Remember that dissatisfied customers are the ones who typically post opinions online, so you may not find any rave reviews.

Step 3 : Brand And Model Of Laser Machine The Practitioner Will Be Using

The kind of laser is being used for you is a big issue that consumers very often overlook. If a laser that a particular practitioner has is not ideal for your skin and hair type it can lead to suboptimal results. This means that it can take far more treatments to get the same amount of hair reduction and it might not work well at all, you will not get a high percentage of hair reduction.

Step 4 : Compare Prices On A Level Playing Field

Usually, laser costs are determined by body area. The larger the area, the more the cost. Your costs might be higher if you have thicker unwanted hair.There's usually a base cost for a single treatment, but they will usually suggest multiple treatments. Usually, these treatment blocks are at a reduced rate per treatment compared to the single treatment price.

You may find that one place charges more, but also recommends fewer treatments than another place. Some Spas use lower-frequency lasers and frequent treatments, meaning you will need to return more often.

Step 5 : Discuss Treatment Schedule

You should find out that how many laser treatments will be required. If the correct laser is used and an experienced practitioner is doing the treatments, you will limit the amount of treatments required. Most people will see that the 60-90% of hairs are greatly reduced and hair which does regrow is often much finer and lighter in color after 4-6 sessions.

Step 6 : Keep A Copy Of The Ad

If you learn about a laser practice from a print advertisement, keep a copy of the ad and put the date and where it ran on the ad. If you try to get a refund later, you'll need this information. Look into the fine print of any special promotions, you don't want to start treatment only to have the prices increased down the line. Ask the clinic if it offers any pre-paid plans for a series of treatments.

Step 7 : Set Up A Free Test Patch

First, you should make sure the test patch is done by the same person who will be treating you.
Usually, patch testing are free of charge. The purpose is to determine a safe and effective setting of the laser for your skin and hair type. The patch test is only done on a very small area and will normally take only a few minutes. The skin usually recovers very quickly and you should experience no discomfort afterwards. We would recommend waiting 24 hours after your patch test before undergoing your first laser treatment to ensure there is no adverse reaction.

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