What Laser Hair Removal Technology / Machine Is Right For Blonde, Grey, Redheads And White Colored Hairs?

A combination of white skin and light hair is difficult to getting the right results with laser hair removal treatments. Since there is almost no contrast between the skin color and the hair color allows the laser to target the hair and zap it. People with light hairs need to bear in mind, the odds for hair reduction success and safety will greatly hinge on choosing the right laser system. Fortunately, today's manufacturers are continually developing new types of Laser, IPL or Ultrasonic technology to enable those with grey, red and blonde hair to fully enjoy laser treatment benefits as well. Then, let's know these techniques.

The Latest And Most Effective Systems

Syneron ELOS System

ELOS is the abbreviation for Electro-optical Synergy. It combines Bi-Polar RF (Radio Frequency) and a high power Diode Laser that can remove even minimally-pigmented hair colors on all skin tones, even tan ones. The Syneron ELOS Hair Removal Systems based laser had USA FDA approved and the only laser which removes white, blonds, redheads or grey hair also. However, some clinical report that it is not 100% successful, lighter hairs still persist, about 60% of light hair was removed after the course of 8 to 9 treatments. It worth noting that, we do not recommend the ELOS based IPL. In regards to hair removal, IPL is definately NOT the most effective method.

What Laser Hair Reduction Technology / Machine Is Right For Blonde, Grey, Redheads And White Colored Hairs?

Epilight IPL System

It uses IPL technology and design offers the customized treatment according to hair color. Epilight has been devised to treat red and white hairs although it is more difficult than dark hairs. The densest areas of light hair respond best and reduce the hair count by half within two treatments. Unfortunately, the blonde hair can not yet be treated.

Ultrasonic (Applisonix)

Ultrasound energy is directly channelled over the hair shaft to the root, where it is converted into heat and damages the follicle. As a result, the temperature inhibits the hair's re-growth. Since the energy is accurately applied through the hair shaft, the surrounding skin is not affected. So the Ultrasonic is applicable to all hair colors and all skin tones.

In 2013, Applisonix disappeared from the stock market. Their website is no longer in operation and all promotional material has been removed from the web.


The Original Laser System And Effective For Coarse Light Hairs

Diode Laser

It has a longer wavelength than other lasers used, so Diode can provides deeper and safer penetration into the skin. Patients with coarse or thick light hairs will see a delay in their hair growth, and some will see the amount of hair permanently reduced. However, the Diode Laser is not effective on fine light hairs.

Less Effective Systems

People with light hair should steer away from Nd: Yag, Ruby and Alexandrite systems. These lasers are most effective on dark hair. Perhaps those with light hair might see some effects, but it is not worth a try.

A Dye Be Applied To The Light Hairs (Meladine)

Some claim that a dye can be applied to the light hairs that will be treated, which can make the laser hair removal session more effective. The FDA has approved Meladine for use with blonde and grey hair. This is useful for thicker light hairs, however, many practitioners report that it is of little to no benefit in the process of laser treatment.

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