Using Meladine To Improve Laser Hair Removal For Lighter Hairs

Laser hair removal is generally not suitable for people with blond, gray or white hair. Lasers use naturally occurring melanin in the hair follicle as a target to selectively disable the follicle and prevent hair re-growth. However, lighter hair has too little melanin to provide an effective target for the laser. Meladine is the only patented natural melanin enhancer product that has received FDA clearance used to increase pigment in non-pigmented hair follicles for treatment by laser.

Meladine, which is made from naturally-occurring compounds present in the ink of marine squid, enhances the natural melatonin in hair roots. When sprayed on the desired area, selectively deposits natural melanin directly into the hair follicle, without staining surrounding skin. The proprietary liposomes are small enough to effectively penetrate the hair follicle, but are not taken up by the blood stream. The result is temporary, melanin-rich follicles that hair removal lasers are able to target. As laser light passes through the epidermis, it is able to locate and kill the now-pigmented hair follicle, just as if the follicle had its own natural coloration.

Using Meladine To Improve LHR For Lighter Hairs

Because the melanin is deposited directly into the hair follicle, the patient will not experience coloration to the hair shaft in the area being treated. It's meaning that the hair above the surface of the skin will not darken, the only coloration will occur within the hair follicle which is under the skin. Additionally, because the surrounding epidermis does not absorb the liposomes, the patient will not experience coloration or staining of the skin. Subsequently, Meladine will not enhance the risks of burning the skin by the laser, only on the hair follicle.

However, some laser technicians report that Meladine is not reliable enough to be worth your time or money. Meladine might help laser hair removal of light colored hair minimally in some patients. But it helped a little and not enough to enthusiastically recommend it or even to continue to carry it.

The Meladine will not dye the hair just allow melanin to be absorbed, so the process is slow. For maximum results, Meladine must be used twice daily (morning and evening) for a minimum of 14 days prior to treatment for fine hair, and 4 weeks prior to treatment for coarse hair. Before applying it, shave the area and apply evenly, allow to air dry completely. Repeat spraying and drying process 4 - 6 times. Research has indicated that gently patting the Meladine into the skin before drying can help with absorption. Repeat process at night.

Ensure proper medical guidance before starting Meladine application. To date, no side effects were reported with the use of it. However, if you have side effects consult a doctor immediately. Using Meladine can hinder the effectiveness of other skin or hair treatments so your doctor your medical history, including medications you use. Avoid Meladine overdose because it can cause some side effects of the treated area.

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