Must Do 10 Things To Get Most Benefit From Laser Hair Removal

You're tired of shaving and trying to get rid of unwanted hair that keeps growing back. Laser hair removal is a safe alternative that uses a high-tech invisible beam of light and heat to destroy hair follicles at their roots, effectively limiting regrowth by several months to many years. Learn here how you can benefit from laser treatment before deciding if it's right for you.

  1. Select a qualified and skilled dermatologist.
    A botched job could cause lifelong scars, you should choose a practitioner who not only charges a price you like, but who will provide the best possible service. Make an appointment with him or her to discuss the procedure and map out your treatment plan. If the practitioner makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason or they refuses to answer questions, then go somewhere else.
  2. Don't go to a spa or beauty salon where the laser equipment is relatively backward than professional laser clinics.
  3. Answer questions about your current and past medical history and any medications you are currently taking.
    Patient shouldn't do any lasers procedures or chemical peels while on Accutane or Isotretinoin until after finishing your course for 6-12 months. These medicines are used to treat certain type of severe acne, they are strong and have the potential to cause some serious side effects including make skin became immensely dry and extremely sun sensitive.
Must Do 10 Things To Get Most Benefit From Laser Hair Reduction
  1. Be aware of any Side Effects that may occur.
    Read about and understand what will happen so that you feel comfortable and can achieve the best benefit.
    Don't be afraid to ask questions.
  2. It is most successful on light-skinned people with brown or black hair.
    Hair reduction by laser does not work well for people who have white, blonde, light brown or red hair. Seen as a breakthrough technology, the Ultrasonic can be used on all skin and hair type. Unlike hair removal by lasers, the ultrasonic is not target at the melanin in the hair shaft, hair bulb or epidermis. The Ultrasonic Device - Applisonix has CE approval in 2009. It has applied to the USA FDA In April 2010. However, FDA has not given the results.
  3. Prepare yourself to undergo at least 6-8 incremental treatments to achieve the most benefit.
    3-6 Sessions : Dark Hair & Skin Type I,II,III
    5-7 Sessions : Medium Hair & Skin Type I,II,III
    8-10 Sessions : Light Hair & Skin Type I,II,III
    8-10 Sessions : Medium Hair & Skin Type IV
  4. Allow for tans or sunburn to completely fade before undergoing laser treatment.
    Go out into the sun at least 4 to 6 weeks before treatment. Increased melanin in the skin will compete for the laser energy intended for the hair follicle beneath the skin. The hair follicles won't receive enough laser energy to destroy them and it will make the laser less effective. The skin will get enough of lasers to be damaged. It is more susceptible to certain side effects including blistering or discoloration of the skin.
  5. Stay out of the sun following the procedure.
    It is so important that will affect the laser results. The fact that the sun will most like aggravate the area that has been treat by laser is the reason the sun should be avoided. Even a small amount of sun exposure after treatment can cause severe burns and inflammation. So that it will prevent the heal and generate a layer of fresh new cells of the skin. The other reason to stay out of the sun is that laser hair reduction requires multiple consecutive treatments, and if your skin becomes more tan between the treatments, the same laser can not be used throughout the duration of the procedure even the smallest amount of color added to your skin, your provider may not even be able to perform your next treatment.
  6. Do not wax or pluck hair three weeks before treatment. Must shaving 24 hours before.
    It is very important for you to avoid waxing, plucking, depilatory creams or other hair reduction methods except shaving for 4-6 weeks before laser hair removal treatment.

    The lasers works best by identifying the dark root of the hair in the follicle, differentiating it as a target from the lighter color tissue around the follicle, which allows the follicle to be destroyed and inhibits new hair growth. Waxing or tweezer the hair pulls it out, damaging the hair follicle, but not enough to destroy it. This causes the next hair root in the follicle to grow in to be thinner and lighter and not enough pigment which makes it a poorer target for the laser. So the laser might not be as effective.

    However, we recommend shaving 24 hours before laser treatment because freshly shaved skin is more sensitive, you can possibly have increased inflammation and redness after the treatment.And it is best to have a little bit of stubble so it is easier for the laser operator to see all areas where hairs are located. Some clinics will help you do it.
  7. Wear a pair of goggles during the treatment.
    The laser used is very damaging to the human eye and it's energy is absorbed as heat by any colored tissue. So, any direct or stray pulse of light were to enter the eye it could damage the retina and potentially lead to blindness. The specialized sunglasses must block most light energy, especially the wavelength of light that is created by the laser.
    Make sure your provider applies a soothing gel or lotion to the affected area throughout the procedure to keep skin irritations at a minimum.
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