8 Things Must To Be Prepared Before Laser Hair Removal

1. Avoid To Sunlight For 4-6 Weeks

Lighter skin is more conducive to laser hair reduction treatment, while darker and tanned skin are relatively difficult to work on. Increased melanin in the skin will compete for the laser energy intended for the hair follicle beneath the skin. The hair follicles won't receive enough laser energy to destroy them and it will make the laser less effective. The skin will get enough of lasers to be damaged. It is more susceptible to certain side effects including blistering or discoloration of the skin. Tanning can make the skin more sensitive. You can feel the more pain of laser therapy on your sunburnt skin. Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or wear a hat before stepping out into the sun.

2. Avoid To Plucking, Waxing, Creams For 4-6 Weeks

These methods can disturb the hair follicle and interfere with laser treatment. The lasers works best by identifying the dark root of the hair in the follicle, differentiating it as a target from the lighter color tissue around the follicle, which allows the follicle to be destroyed and inhibits new hair growth. Waxing or tweezer the hair pulls it out, damaging the hair follicle, but not enough to destroy it. This causes the next hair root in the follicle to grow in to be thinner and lighter and not enough pigment which makes it a poorer target for the laser. So the laser might not be as effective.

8 Things Must To Be Prepared Before Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

3. Avoid To Use Of Exfoliant Creams 2 Weeks

Such as Retin-A, Alpha-hydroxy, glycolic acid, etc. Not only can exfoliation cause severe skin irritation, it can also create clogged pores.

4. Bleaching Regimen 2 Weeks

If you have a darker skin, you should begin a bleaching regimen at least 2 weeks.

5. Stop Some Medicine At Least 2 Weeks

Such as Antibiotic-regimen, Zovirax, medicine for Cold Sores & Genital Herpes.

6. Avoid To Treatment During Women's Period

This is the time when your skin is the most sensitive to pain.

7. Shaving 24 Hours Before Treatment

Laser hair reduction relies on transmitting energy to the hair follicles to destroy them. If there is hair above the skin, the light energy will be absorbed by the hair and not the follicle and the treatment will not be effective. In addition, it may increase the risk of a burn as the relatively longer hair shaft may burn the surface of the skin as it is heated. Some clinic will help you do it.

8. Avoid To Any Creams, Perfumes Or Deodorants On The Day

Such application may contain substances that can refract with the laser, thereby interfering with the effectiveness.

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