Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Back & Shoulders

The back hair for more than 40% of male are thick and dense, perhaps, laser hair removal is the most effective way. An whole laser session is need 5 to 7 treatments depending on the skin type, hair color, hair thickness and hair density.

Another very effective way of removing back hair is the use of electrolysis, but it is painful, even with a topical anesthetic. For males who would rather endure the physical pain of back hair removal than bankruptcy, waxing is always an option. However, this method is not very suitable if the necessary caution has not been taken. You have to take risks of skin swollen, red, splotchy and highly sensitive to the sun. Since back hair grows back much faster than any other part of the body, maintaining a smooth back with waxing will be costly.

LHR Costs :

The average costs is about £150-400 ($400-500), shoulders are £85-120 ($150-300) per treatment .

The Results After LHR :

After the full course of treatment, most hair may become permanently smaller or totally eliminated. Even those patients with thicker, coarse hair may have a significant permanent thinning of the diameter of many of the hairs, in addition to achieving a reduction in hair density. Those hairs that remain may be much less of a concern to the patient. Touch-up treatments is needed annually or biannually to maintain results.

Laser Hair Reduction For Back

LHR for back hair is not perfect. It is no effect on the blond hair or dark skin and risk of temporary skin color change. However we continue to believe that it is the best option for back hair reduction after considering.

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