Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal - 1. Facts & Average Cost

1. What Is IPL? The Basic Facts And Average Costs
2. Is IPL Safe? What Are The Risks?
3. Advantages & Disadvantages
4. Comparison IPL & Laser Hair Removal, What Is Right For You?
5. The Popular IPL Machine At Clinic & Home

What Is IPL Hair Removal And The Basic Facts

IPL is a light therapy and not a traditional laser hair removal. However, they use the same concept of selective photothermolysis to get the hair removal done. Lasers use one single wavelength of light and IPL is an irregular pulsed beam of electromagnetic radiation in a broad spectrum of light wavelengths that incorporates many colors of light at once.

The powerful burst of light to the hair causes damage to the hair follicle, as the melanin of hairs absorbs the light and heats the hair, thereby removing the possibility of regrowth in that particular follicle. The worst thing is that the IPL can target, heat destroy, and stimulate a number of different skin structures at the same time, evident, the laser is not.

IPL Basic Facts & Average Costs

The greater wavelength spectrum of IPL may also lead to less precision and less control, which could mean an increased risk of burns, blistering and cause pigmentation with misuse than laser hair reduction. It also significant pain due to tendency to super heat epidermal melanin. This is why many clinics will perform a patch test at your first consultation. If there are no reactions after a few days, it is safe to proceed treatment to other area.

In most cases, IPL and Lasers have the same effectiveness for hair reduction. They are effective on patients of all skin and hair colors except those with white hair. IPL is perform better on light skin and dark hair. Some clinical report that IPL can give the better hair reduction results for darker skin (Skin Type V, VI) than lasers, however, it has the most side effects because it is more prone to cause burns for darker skin types. IPL devices are more difficult to operate than lasers are. They also require a very experienced and skilled technician to operate them. As with laser hair removal, we think IPL require greater regulation and should only be operated under medical supervision.

Currently, the hair reduction by IPL is so popular. One of the biggest reasons is the IPL System is cheaper than the Laser Equipment and the average costs of IPL is about half of laser treatment at clinics. However, IPL manufacturers have lifted their game more and more, offer devices with power, speed and versatility to match any laser, at a fraction of the cost. The more popular IPL devices on the market are : EpiLight, Quantum, Ellipse, PhotoDerm, Aculight, Lynton, and Vasculight.

Average Prices Of IPL

Lasers equipment is expensive, between £50,000-130,000 for Diode or Nd:Yag types and demanded a lot of maintenance. IPL device is often cheaper, it only about £20,000-50,000. So, the typical average price of IPL treatment is about half of laser hair removal in clinics. However, IPL uses various wavelengths of light, instead of a single, targeted wavelength of lasers, and this is less effective. It is means that you will need more sessions (6-12 for women; 10-20 for men) for a final result that approximately 80% hair reduction. In the long-term, you will spend the same for laser treatment.

Upper Lip or Chin : £40-55
Eyebrows : £35-60
Full Beard : £80-100
Full Face : £90-120
Both Underarms : £40-55
Shoulders : £65-120
Both Half Arms : £80-150
Both Full Arms : £120-200
Both Half Legs : £120-200
Both Full Legs : £100-150
Bikini Line : £40-80
Full Pubic, Brazilian : £120
Buttocks : £90-120
Chest or Abdomen : £85-120
Lower or Upper Back : £100-150
Full Back : £150-200
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