IPL Hair Removal - 3. Advantages & Disadvantages

4 Benefits

1. Cheaper Than Laser Hair Removal

One powerful feature of laser is the lower cost of the process. The typical cost is about half of laser in clinics. It is among the largest factors that explain why IPL is so well-liked in the hair removing industry.

2. Working Is Fast Than Laser

A flash of IPL over a whopping 15mm x 50mm when using the largest treatment head. Each laser pulse will treat an area of 9x9mm. Depending on the energy level chosen, IPL can emit these flashes as fast as once per second. Theoretically, that would mean covering your entire body surface in around an hour.

3. IPL Can Handle ALL Skin Types

While hair reduction by IPL has traditionally been recommended for people with light skin and dark hair, today's more modern IPL systems allow people with almost any colour of hair and skin to receive treatment even it may not be very effective on red hair, blonde hair, and white hair. IPL can also be customized based on hair color, skin color, and hair depth, giving you personalised treatment.

4. Fast Recovery Than Laser

With IPL, you can put your makeup on right after your treatment and you won't be red for days. While you should avoid tanning beds seven days before and after treatments, IPL allows you the freedom to be exposed to natural outdoor sunlight while wearing sunblock.

IPL / Flashlamps Hair Reduction - Advantages & Disadvantages

6 Disadvantages

1. Not Really Cheap

You will need more sessions ( 6-12 for women; 10-20 for men ) than lasers for a final result that approximately 80% hair reduction. In the long-term, it costs the same for laser hair removal.

2. Leaving Paler Or Darker Skin Patches

Sometimes the skin pigment cells can get damaged leaving paler or darker skin patches. It can last from two weeks up to one year though also has the potential to be permanent. You are more at risk of this occurring if you have a darker skin type.

3. Risks Of Blistering And Burn

Short-term effects may include reddening, mild burning or blistering. These conditions usually resolve within 3-6 months. Avoiding sun exposure before and after the treatment reduces the risk of color change.

4. Not As Effective On Unpigmented Hairs

IPL may not be very effective on blonde hair, red hair and white hair and is therefore not a versatile as the ND Yag Lasers.

5. More Pain Than Laser

Feedback from persons, IPL is not painful or even particularly uncomfortable. Some hardly feel any discomfort at all. Overall, IPL is more pain than laser due to tendency to super heat epidermal melanin.

6. A Technician With Experience Is Important

IPL devices are more difficult to operate than lasers are. A technician with experience is crucial in selecting the proper IPL setting for hair color, skin color, and hair depth. A technician with no experience could select settings that are too low and make the treatment less effective, or they could choose settings that are too high and could cause side effects.

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