Does Hair Transplantation Look Natural? 6 Facts About How Your Hair Will Look

Your hair will look natural after your hair transplantation that in the hands of well-trained and experienced physicians now. The days of the "Corn Row" or "Barbie Doll" are long gone.

To attain the most natural result each graft contains a single follicular unit, the collection of usually two to three hairs all within a tiny bunch, which is the way that hair grows in most individuals. Older style hair grafts often held more like a dozen hair roots. By transplanting using follicular units, the way hair grows naturally, the results of the hair transplantation are virtually undetectable. Usually, individual single hairs are transplanted to mimick mother nature.

The hair is your own, and just like all of your hair it grows, the hair grows in the proper direction with a feathered hairline, and a highly aesthetic result. You can be washed, curled, cleaned, permed and styled as desired. Once the transplants are completed, no special maintenance is required.

Does Hair Transplantation Look Natural? 6 Facts About How Your Hair Will Look

6 Facts About How Your Hair Will Look After Hair Transplant

Before you have hair transplant surgery, you might want to know how it will turn out. The truth is that every head of hair is different from all others and you cannot know exactly how it will turn out. However, with a few facts at your disposal, you can get an advance idea of how your hair will look.

1. More Hairs Per Graft That Are Used, The Less Natural Your Hair Will Look

Many doctors still use grafts that contain up to eight hairs. These do not look as conspicuous as the hair plugs of earlier decades, but they do not look as natural as they can. Try to find a doctor that uses grafts that contain one to four hair follicles.

These smaller grafts, also called follicular unit grafts, are ideal in restoring a receding hairline. If your doctor uses the follicular unit grafts for your hairline, it will look much more natural than with the larger plug-like grafts. This is important because your hair transplant will be noticeable if the hairline is not done well.

2. Your Hair Transplant Site Will Be Fuller If You Have Higher Density In Your Donor Sites

The density is based upon the number of hair follicles you have in each section of your scalp. If you have a high number of hair follicles per square centimeter than most people, more grafts can be done, so your hair will look fuller.

3. Your Scalp Laxity Will Also Affect The Fullness Of Your Resulting

This refers to the flexibility of your scalp. How loose your scalp is helps to decide how many grafts can be done just as hair density does.

4. Coarse Hair Will Cover More Area

When your surgery is done, the surgeon will be able to use fewer hair follicles per graft if your hair is coarse. That is because coarse hair provides more coverage. However, finer hair will tend to look more natural, if thinner.

5. Straight Hair Does Not Cover Scalp Like Curly Hair Does

If you have straight hair, you can be sure that your hair transplant surgery will be a challenge to your doctor. Curly hair appears to provide even more coverage than it actually does because it stands up from the head.

6. The Way Your Hair Color Compares To Your Skin Color Will Have An Effect On The Look

If you have a hair color that is similar to the color of your skin, you are in luck. Your scalp will not betray any lack of coverage that happens to be present. on the other hand, your hair and skin color contrast distinctly hair follicles show up more. If there is even the slightest lack of coverage, it will be evident. Just imagine a very light-skinned person with jet-black hair. This person's hair follicles will stand out in a very obvious way.