How Do I Judge Whether Hair Transplant Is Failure?

First, You must evaluate the final results of surgery 12 months later. Transplantation hair will grow at different rates and you can experience uneven hair regrowth. Most people only start experiencing hair growth of the transplanted hair between 3 - 5 months and it takes up to 1 year to mature. There are two main performance show that your surgery has failed :

1. Transplanted Grafts Not Grow 12 Months Later

New hair growth only typically starts between 3 and 5 months and will start growing as thin, fine, colorless hairs and with time will thicken, darken, and mature. Normal, 80% of the transplanted grafts should have reached styling length by 8 months. If you do not have enough transplanted grafts regrowth and unable to achieve the effect after 12 months, then you should be a failed hair transplant surgery, the causes are :

How Do I Judge Whether Hair Transplants Is Failure?

(a) The Number 1 Cause
The proper care and handling of the follicular unit grafts during surgery, either during the graft dissecting process, placement process, or holding / storing process.

(b.) The Number 2 Cause
A large number of grafts are transplanted in one session. The blood supply of the scalp can not supply many of the grafts.

(c.) If the hair grafts are damaged in any way, after they are inserted, they will not grow.

(d.) Patient physiological factors can cause poor hair regrowth including scalp problems such as an infection or scarring, etc.
Most of the problems of failure to grow is the result of diseases like diffuse Alopecia Areata. Skin biopsies might help make that diagnosis.

2. Post-surgical Existing Hair Shedding

Strictly speaking, post-surgical existing hair shedding is the side effects of hair transplant. It does not really show that surgery is a failure. But, the serious side effects will lead to end up with less original hair than before you go for the hair transplant surgery. Some surgeons say that the shedding is related to a surgical shock and the hair will grow back. The fact is that nobody knows why post-surgical shedding occur.