The Expect After FUT (FUE)? When Will My Newly Hair Start To Grow?

The Day Of FUT

The Day Of Surgery

You will be able to go home the day of follicular unit hair transplant surgery, but you may still feel drowsy from the sedation. In general, no bandages or dressings are required.

Most patients have only mild discomfort that can be controlled with a prescription for stronger pain medication. It is not uncommon to experience some minor temporary swelling in the forehead area.

1 - 2 Days Following FUT

1 - 2 Days Following Surgery

The small scabs or crusts will appear on your graft sites. Rest is the best and do not to have heavy lifting or vigorous exercise. Of course you can resume your normal schedule if it is necessary.

The temporary swelling will settle. You may gently wash your hair on the first day following surgery.

6 - 10 Days Following FUT

6 - 10 Days Following Surgery

Your doctor will remove the sutures from your donor site. These small scabs or crusts will fall away.

2 - 4 Week Following FUT

2 - 4 Week Following Surgery

In most patients, the newly transplanted hairs will fall out.


3 - 5 Months Following FUT

3 - 5 Months Following Surgery

The new growth will commence within about 3 - 5 months but the hairs are thin, colorless, and wispy. The phases are often depressing and can leave you full of doubt as to whether or not the hair replacement procedure was a success.

Though the transplanted hair may very well start growing, but very few patients notice any visible change in the appearance of their hair at this early stage. Be patient! The result will come with time. The transplanted hair will then grow at the normal rate of about 1cm per month and continue to thicken over time.

9 - 18 Months Following FUT

9 - 18 Months Following Surgery

Most of the new growth hair has at least started to grow and is well on its way to maturity. But hair thickening and darkening will continue for some time and will have a significant impact on the overall cosmetic result.