How Many Follicular Unit Grafts Do You Need In Hair Transplant Surgery?
How Many Sessions Will You Need?

The total number of hair transplant grafts required for any patient will depend upon hair and skin color, donor density, scalp laxity the thickness of each hair shaft, the number of hairs in each graft, and the character of the hair itself. Another important factor for the amount of grafts will be need is density. Overall the average number of grafts needed to cover a balding area is 25% - 35% of the original hair that was there.

How Many Follicular Unit Grafts Do You Need?

Amount Of Grafts

Area 1 : Required 500 - 800 grafts
Area 2 : Required 1000 - 1200 grafts
Area 3 : Required 1200 - 1500 grafts
Area 4 : Required 1000 - 1200 grafts
Area 5 : Required 1500 grafts
Area 6 : Required 1500 - 1800 grafts

Then Calculate How Many Grafts Do You Need

1 Graft Of Single Follicular Unit Size Is     :  1 mm x 1mm = 1 mm²
1 Graft Of Modified Follicular Unit Size Is  :  2 mm x 1 mm = 2 mm²

If Recipient Of Hair Transplant Size Is 80cm² , The Density Is 25%
Donor Size Is : 100 cm² x 25% = 25 cm² = 2500 mm²
Single Follicular Unit Will Need     :  2500 mm² ÷ 1 mm² = 2500 grafts
Modified Follicular Unit Will Need  :  2500 mm² ÷ 2 mm² = 1250 grafts

How Many Hair Transplant Sessions Will You Need?

Today, there are 5,000 transplantation grafts can be moved from a dense donor area to a large shiny bald area during one sessions of FUT, the average large session is 2,500. It will be determined the reasons :

1. The size of the area to be treated.
2. The number of transplantation grafts used.
3. The density of transplantation hairs.
4. The texture of transplantation hairs. One coarse hair can equal three or even four fine and thin hairs.

Of course, it must depend on your satisfaction ultimately. Some people are satisfied after only a single procedure, while others will desire further treatment in order to add density, refine the hairline, temples or crown, or to keep up with progressive hair loss over the years. Normally, you can have the next sessions at least 6 - 8 months after the first and at the period of time the donor scar had recovered well.