Hair Removal Methods & Choosing The Right Way

Hair Removal Methods & Choosing The Right Way

Choosing The Right Methods For You

There are many different methods, first of all that you need to take into consideration when deciding on what type of method is the area of the body you want hair-free. The second is to determine your pain tolerance level. Waxing and electrolysis cause the most pain, so if you can't tolerate pain, you should select a different way. Another important that you know whether your excess hair growth is just typical or a hereditary factor as this will aid you in choosing the proper method. According to the following options to see what method is the best to you.

Comparison Laser Hair Reduction & IPL

Comparison LHR & IPL

In the battle of IPL versus Laser Hair Reduction, cost is often the deciding factor. The typical prices of per session for IPL is about half of laser treatment. However, the cheap is only on the surface. In fact, you will need about double sessions to get the results and to ...

Comparison LHR & Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the only permanent way. However, it is very pain and more expensive ...

Comparison LHR & Ultrasonic

Comparsion LHR & Ultrasonic

With a special applicator ultrasound energy is directly channelled over the hair shaft to the root, where it is converted into heat and damages the follicle. As a result, the temperature inhibits the hair's re-growth. Unlike hair reduction by laser, the ultrasonic is not target at the melanin in the hair shaft, hair bulb or epidermis, so, it is applicable ...

Rank Each Hair Removal Methods

We will list the most commonly used way and families were compared, in accordance with the extent of the pros and cons from A to F assessed. "A" is a good grade, "F" is a bad grade.

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