5 Tips For Males Hair Removal

Now, hair removal for males is becoming a big business. Men today want hair reduction solutions that are also skin friendly. The following information will give them some options that will leave men with that just shaven look all the time.

1. The Best Method

There is absolutely no one answer to this question. Everyone is different,so consider your skin type, preferences, do you want a totally pain free method? There are some recommend :

Unibrow - Waxing In Beauty Salon or Tweezer

Shaving will most likely result in increased hair growth which is probably not what you want on your face.
Depilatories are also not recommended as they are messy and ineffective on such a small area, not to mention have chemical ingredients that burn the hair.

Ear Hair & Nose Hair & Sideburns -

The best way to remove it depilation by Small Electric Trimmers or Scissors.

Face - Shaving, Tweezing, Trimming

Do not remove facial hair by waxing or a depilatory cream like women do. Its not advisable, as waxing the face will be extremely painful and largely ineffective at removing men´s coarse hair.

5 Tips For Males Hair Reduction

Neck - Laser Hair Removal, Shaving, Tweezing, Trimming


Head - Shaving

Waxing and depilatories are strictly prohibited here. Stick to shaving with a very good razor designed for the head and all natural shaving creams / oils.

Underarm Hair - Shaving, Laser Hair Removal, Trimming, Waxing, Cream


Toes & Knuckles - Tweezing, Waxing, LHR, Electrolysis


Back & Chest & Belly - Wax, LHR, Chemical Depilatories

You may need an assistant for these areas most obviously with the back and buttock areas, so recruit a capable and preferably experienced person.
Depilatories : are good for the chest and back because these areas aren't usually sensitive.
Waxing : A lot of men have these areas waxed professionally or by their partner. Some people find it painful and others don't.
Trimming : is always a good option if none of the other methods appeal.

Pubic Areas, Bikini Line - Trimming, Shaving, LHR

Waxing and depilatories are definitely not recommended as waxing will be excruciatingly painful, while depilatories will be too harsh for this area. Plucking is also not a good option as plucking leaves you open to infections.

2. Factors Which Affect Hair Removal

Skin Sensitivity

You are best trying natural products or ones that do not contain harsh ingredients. Shaving and trimming are the methods preferred by most sensitive-skinned males, but don't rule out waxing. Most waxing products contain natural ingredients like sugar, honey and lemon - some are all natural like the Moom for Men Organic Wax. Depilatory creams ought to be treated with caution if you are a first time user as they contain chemical ingredients and may irritate the skin.

Density of Hair Growth & Coarseness of Hair

You will probably need to use more products than others. Try waxing or trimming to remove body hair effectively and use a hair inhibitor to reduce the hair density. You will find that hair growth inhibitors / minimisers work to gradually reduce hair growth, making regrowth softer, finer and thinner.

3. Men Can Use The Same Way As Women

For example, a man that is interested in getting rid of chest hair can try depilatory creams, waxing or laser hair removal. All of which will also work for facial and back hair issues as well. However, many men that want to rid themselves of unwanted hair may not be so motivated as to shop in the women's beauty isle.

4. The Industry Is Beginning To Take Notice To Men

A popular depilatory company has formulated a cream that works well on men's course hairs. Traditional creams, made for women, were formulated to remove fine hairs, and were not a good match for men's needs. This method usually will need to be redone about every two or three weeks.  6 Best selling Depilatory Cream For Men

5. Waxing Is An Option, But Very Painful

This procedure requires the use of melted wax that is poured on directly on the hair that is to be removed. It is a very effective way for men, as it works equally well on fine hair as well as on course the course hairs that are often found on the backs and chests. Waxing generally needs to be done every 4-6 weeks to keep the body hair free.

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