The Best Way To Get Rid Of Nostrils Hairs Of Men

As soon as men reach the age of 30, pesky strands of nose hair start to stick out of the nose because of hormonal changes. Although nose hair is perfectly natural, and it does actually play an important part in the body's defence system against particles that could potentially cause problems within the respiratory system, it is generally considered unattractive, and the many people who are embarrassed by an excess of nose hair, prefer to remove it. However, many doctors recommend leaving the hair in place. So bear this in mind, it may be a better idea to trim only protruding nose hair if it is really bothering you, but not be too obsessive about eliminating every hair you can find. The following are some ways to removal the nostrils hairs:

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Nostrils Hairs Of Male

Electric Nasal Hair Trimmer - Best Option

Nose hair trimmers are specifically made to trim away unwanted nose and ear hair. These clippers have protective devices around the blades to prevent the user from nicking the skin inside the nose. It is safe, effective, painless and cheap, but there are something you need to attention:

1.  Clean your nose and free of other debris before trim your nasal.
2.  Never rush otherwise it might cause injuries in your sensitive nasal membranes.
3.  Do not shove the trimmer too far into your nose, otherwise it may cause trauma to you nasal cavities.
4.  Disinfect your trimmers before and after using to prevent infections.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Nose Hairs Of Male

Scissors - Easiest & Convenient, Must Be Careful

These small scissors are inserted gently into the nasal canal and the unwanted hair is then clipped away. However, men must be careful while using it that not to insert the scissors too far into the nasal canal or you can hurt yourself.

It is important that do not be tempted to use the regular scissors. Always clean and disinfect the scissors or clippers with an astringent before and after using it.

Tweezers - Effective But Painful, Highly Not Advisable Because Of Infection

Bacterial infection and ingrown hair problem are common side effects of it yet many people prefer using tweezers as it is effective. This method can also produce open areas inside the nose if you take skin away by being heavy handed. Enough care should be taken to clean and disinfect the tweezers with good disinfectant or alcohol or anti-septic lotion. There are some tips to use tweezers :

  1. Take a good tweezers that has both the points meeting. The tweezers should not be old, rusted, unclean or damaged.
  2. Tweeze after taking a shower as the hair becomes soft and easy to pull out. Wash your face and clean your nose.
  3. Sterilize the tweezers by dipping it in alcohol so that the chances of any bacterial infection are greatly reduced.
  4. Always pull the hair in the direction of its growth. This is less painful and has less risk of ingrown hair problem.
  5. Do not use force while plucking out hair strands. A gentle twitch would do the work.
  6. Do not pull many hairs at a time. This is again painful, has high risk of ingrown hair and bacterial infection.
  7. Sensitive skin people may experience slight bleeding. Apply a neat cotton washcloth soaked in ice water to ease the pain.
  8. Maintain hygiene of the nose to prevent infection.

Nasal Hair Removal Cream - No Safe

The depilatories creams are chemically laden and will react adversely with the mucosal lining of the nose. The very strong odor of these creams which also can cause dizziness and nausea if placed inside the nose. Although there are some hair removal creams that are made from natural organic ingredients that do not have the strong odor promoted as safe and effective but they are not completely safe.

Waxing - For Long Nose Hairs

Nose hair waxing is another option for those who have a lot of long nose hairs. However, waxing is not done often because it is painful, and it can be dangerous if not done properly. This method of nose hair removal consists of putting warm wax into the nostril using a Q-tip. Once the wax cools, the Q-tip is quickly jerked out of the nose. Nasal hair will be pulled out with the wax. The results of waxing may last longer than plucking or trimming.

Shaving - Do Not Recommend

Shaving is easy to removal nose hairs, but, the consequences is too much trouble. Shaving can pierce the hair follicle, which in turn causes folliculitis.

Laser Hair Removal - Do Not Recommend

Under no circumstances should you let a laser anywhere near any mucous membrane. The laser can cause permanent bruising for the mucous membrane. So nasal hair reduction through laser is usually not offered by laser clinics.
However, surface nose hair can be removed. It must be performed by a licensed professional who has plenty of experience in laser treatments. Even though laser nose hair removal lasts longer than plucking or waxing, it can take several sessions before the nose hair is eliminated completely. This could be very expensive.

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