Not Recommend Waxing On Genital Hair For Men
5 Myths For Shaving Pubic Hairs

First, waxing is not recommended on the genitals of men at home because it can end up tearing or burning the skin. Waxing for genitals at salon is not also practical, the pulling of hair from the ultra sensitive skin of the testicles isn't a good idea. Men feel sore after the wax strips are removed from their pubic region and wouldn't be able to walk properly for several days.

If A Men Insist To Have A Waxing On Genitals Area, You Must Understand


  1. Even a professional can end up tearing or burning the skin if they're not trained in this type of wax.
  2. You will paying up to $100 for it.
  3. Your hairs of genitals area should be at least 0.25 inches in length. Please don't shave for at least two weeks.
  4. No matter how macho you are, take your chosen pain reliever about an hour before your appointment.
Not Recommend Waxing On Genital Hair For Male, 5 Myths For Shaving

5 Myths For Shaving Pubic Hairs For Men

Myth 1. Shaving Will Make Pubic Hair Grow Back Thicker, Darker, Faster.


Fact : Shaving doesn't make any change because the color, length and consistency of a hair are determined in the hair follicle, after all the follicle is quite a bit deeper than the skin surface. However, it is the fact that after cutting the hair grows back in feeling coarse and stubby to the touch. It's an illusion. Hair that has never been shaved has a tapered or beveled edge. Once it's cut, the edge is now blunt. So when it grows back above the skin's surface, not only does it feel stiffer than before, it looks thicker too. If hair is left to regrow completely, it will return to its former soft state.

Since pubic hair is generally thick to begin with, it can feel stiffer than other body parts that have also been shaved. This blunt edge created from shaving, not only makes hair appear thicker, but makes it easier for the hair to break into the skin and produce ingrown hair or razor bumps.

Myth 2. Shaving Will Make Genital Area Itchy And Gives Bumps.


Fact : Shaving your bikini line doesn't have to leave your most sensitive spots itchy and bumpy. Shaving with a razor actually helps skin look and feel smoother by removing the top layer of dead skin cells.

Myth 3. Shaving Pubic Hairs Always Creates Ingrown Hairs.


Fact : Every body is different, and every person is susceptible to ingrown hairs to a different extent. This still does not mean that you will get ingrown hairs every time you shave. Furthermore, there are practices and products that can help reduce the occurrences of ingrown hairs, like scrubbing the area with a loofah or shaving in the direction of hair growth.

Myth 4. Shaving With Soap Or Just Water Is Just As Good As Using Shave Cream.


Fact : Soap and water is not a good choice. Soap and water can not soften skin and hair full, shaving gel provides a protective blanket that keeps hair soft during the shave.

Myth 5. Shaving Pubic Area Will Get Rid Of Crabs And Other STIs.


Fact : Pubic lice is transmitted through sexual contact. They can infest other areas of your body, easily migrate and set up shop someplace else. If you have not been treated for an infection, shaving will not eradicate the lice.

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