6 Steps To Perfect Shaving Genital And Pubic Hairs For Men

Shaving the genital hair of men is the fastest, cheapest, and most painless method, provided you are careful to avoid nicks and razor burn. However, it is also the shortest term solution, and must be done regularly to avoid stubble. A manual 3 or 4 blade razors is the most ideal for shaving pubic hair, don't use an electric shaver as the loose skin of the scrotum may get caught by the shaver, which can be extremely painful. By practicing and following the below steps, you should be able to enjoy an irritation-free shaved pubic region.

1. Trim Your Pubic Hair

To make the shaving process easier, trim the genital area to no more than a quarter inch before applying the razor! Longer hair has a more likelihood of clogging a razor.

2. Wash With Warm Water

Take a long, warm bath the genital area beforehand, the hot water will soften the hairs and help you remove them easily. Do not use ordinary soap because it can dry your skin and worsen irritation.

6 Steps To Perfect Shaving Genital And Pubic Hairs For Male


3. Apply Shaving Cream To Lather The Pubic Area
A thin layer of petroleum jelly will help with a closer shave.
Shaving cream designed for sensitive skin also can work better for lathering the area to avoid cutting the sensitive skin.

  • Avoid scented shaving creams and menthol as they might irritate the skin.
  • Choose antibacterial products to reduce irritation and prevent any infections.
  • Do not use ordinary soap because it doesn't make the best lather.

4. Shaving

Use a brand new 3 or 4 blade razor which can help prevent nicks and cuts and 3 or 4 blade razors can shave short areas with very light strokes. Not Recommend using any traditional razor blade because it may cause pubic rashes, pubic pimples and ingrown pubic hair. The key to shaving the genital area is :

  • Always ensure the skin on the genital area you are shaving is taut, loose skin is more prone to cuts.
  • Try to shave towards the direction of where your hairs grow, not against it as it results to a smoother shave.
  • Pull the penis downwards and shave from the shaft going towards the navel.
  • Hold the penis to the side and shave inwards in its sides and the scrotum's side.
  • Finally, hold the penis upwards and shave downwards from the penis down over to the scrotum. Make sure the scrotum's skin is taut to avoid cuts.

Warning : Don not using an electric beard shaver on your pubic hair. It will cause skin chafing on their private parts.

5. Wash And Rinse Off The Genital Area

Use gentle patting motions to dry the area as rubbing may cause irritation.

6. Moisturize The Genital Area With An Unscented Lotion

The hair in the pubic area is thicker and the skin is much more sensitive than the skin on your legs. Baby oil and Aloe Vera work well. It's best to avoid moisturizers that contain fragrances, since this may cause irritation.

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