Deal With Bushy Eyebrow Unibrow - Taming Brows For Men

Usually for men it is just a case of tidying up the natural shape of the eyebrows rather than shaping the perfect arch. Sometimes eyebrows become quite bushy and unruly and eyebrow hairs can grow quite long especially as you get older. The best solution is to trim the eyebrows carefully with small scissors by yourself or ask your barber when you have your hair cut.

Focus On Between The Brows Or A Real Monobrow / Unibrow

The two regions you need to focus on cleaning up are between the brows and beneath the arches. Using the tweezers, pluck each individual hair at the root pulling in the direction of growth. Tweezing in this manner will help avoid breakage. You will also find that you can manage to remove this hair quite easily with a combination of cold wax strips and plucking with tweezers.


Take a pencil and place it on the outer sides of the ball of your nose, and see where it reaches on your brows. This is where your eyebrows should begin, anything else is in unibrow territory and should be removed. To determine where your brows should end, place the pencil end at the outside edge of your nostril, then rotate it so that it points towards the outside edge of your eye, that's where the brow should end. If the brows grow down too low they can make your eyes appear droopy and sad! This is also a good technique for opening up the face and giving it a more youthful look.

Get rid of excess hair in the middle and the outside ends by your tweezers. Don't shave them they'll grow back with blunt ends which can make them looking even thicker. They'll also look daft as they grow back!

Deal With Bushy Eyebrow Unibrow - Taming Brows For Men


If your face shape is long and skinny, or anchored by a particularly strong jawline, you should probably forget about sculpting your brows into an arch -- thicker, horizontal brows can help divide your face to make it look shorter and draw people's gazes up and away from the jaw. On the other hand, if you have a round or square face, a prominent arch can create the illusion of a longer face.

As a general rule of thumb, the arch should peak directly above the pupil. The key to grooming your arches is symmetry, so pay close attention to your progress on each brow. You can use tweezers to pluck it, but you'll have to be extra-careful. Plucked eyebrows rarely grow back, repeated tweezing can cause permanent hair loss and you may end up with bare spots.


Spool your hair from the bottom of the brow upwards using a spooling brush. Once you have spooled your bushy eyebrows upwards, using a trimmer, cut any hair that will be above your spooling brush. Some people will comb them upwards and whatever is above the comb is trimmed. You need to be careful and cut only a bit at a time. Eyebrow scissors can also be used instead of an eyebrow trimmer. You can apply hair gel to your eyebrows, so that the hair strands don't stick out of your eyebrows. Continue this exercise for a few days and your eyebrows will naturally look in place.

The principle is Trim Don't Pluck. Don't cut them off in chunks either or they'll look like well-trimmed hedgerows. And hedges are for fields not faces.

And remember,

a man's brows don't need to be perfectly manicured to look great. The goal is just to keep them looking neat and natural. A few minutes of grooming every week or two should do the trick. As a last resort, you may turn to a professional for help. These days all of the treatments open to women are available to men too so don't be shy about visiting a salon.

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