The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ear Hairs Of Men

The problem of excess ear hair is usually faced by men who are over 30 years of age. Scientists now believe that it excessive ear and nose hair is typically linked to ageing and changes in hormonal levels of testosterone or oestrogen or both. It is caused by the same thing that causes premature baldness, a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The coarser, rougher hairs are a sign of fluctuations of this particular hormone. The hair growth that appears on the ear can either be random hair growth seen on different parts of the ears or bunches of hair sprouting from the inner ear. The unsightly ear hair not only cause problems with hearing if they become too thick, but can also cause earwax to cling to hair, thereby creating hygienic problems. It is also a normal woe of many men approaching their middle age.

Ear Hair Electric Razor - Best Choice

Electric ear hair trimmers are the most painless, effective and recommended way to remove ear hair. Ensure to clean the ears prior to using the trimmers to free the ears from wax, dirt and debris which may hamper the effectiveness of the ear hair trimmer. Electric Razor is small enough to enter the ear canal, so, you should take special care while using it, because deep insertion into the ear drum may impair hearing ability.

The Best Way To Ear Hair Reduction Of Male

Laser Hair Removal - Second Effective Way

Laser hair removal treatment has the advantage of being painless and quick but high cost is involved. The laser uses heat to damage the hair follicle and absorb the hair so that there are no chemicals involved, protecting the delicate eardrum from damage or irritation. However, because those hairs usually occur because of hormonal changes in the body, laser treatment does not guarantee that you will get rid of your ear hair completely, but expect hair to grow finer and less noticeable for permanent.

Depilatory Creams - Third Choice

Melting using chemical hair removal products such as Nair, it is safe and easy, low costing about £3 per application you need to repeat the procedure around twice a month, but there are hazards involved.

You need to simply apply the cream on your ears and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Then wipe off the cream and the hair from the ear with a cloth, and finally wash off with cold water. However, depilatory creams is contain strong chemicals and thus, may not suit everybody. So before using these creams, the cream on a patch on your arm. If it doesn't cause stain, allergies or skin discoloration, then only use it on your ears. You also have to be careful that the cream does not get too deep into your ear canal and cause infections or hearing problems.

Plucking - Popular Way Although Extreme Caution

The cost is low but extremely painful and takes a long time.
Tweezers can be used to pull hair from the inner and outer ear, but this is ideal for those who have less hair in the ear. As plucking hairs out of the inner ears can cause inflammation and lesions on the wall of the ears, and often subsequently leads to an infection, not to mention the pain. You also need to avoid inserting the tweezers deep into your ears, as they may choke and damage the ear drum.

Shaving - Not Be Recommended

The hair located in the outer area of ears can be easily shaved. However it is mess and lack of control, which raises the risk for cuts. Shaving involves large chances of cuts, wounds and infection.

Scissors - Most Ineffective And Dangerous Way

Scissors is most ineffective and dangerous way to removal men's ear hair. It could cause permanent damage to the ear canal.

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