6 Best Selling Depilatory Cream For Men Hair Removal

1.  The Bare Pair King Kombo
2.  Nair Body Cream
3.  Veet Hair Removal Gel
4.  Nad's Cream
5.  Magic Razorless Shave Cream
6.  Andre Extra Strength

1. The Bare Pair King Kombo, Body Hair Management System

Costs : $15.99 / 12 Ounces

The Bare Pair King Kombo really works and it is one of the best hair removal cream for men that have very stubborn, and hard to get hair on the body, but no sensitive skin. It has the same results as Nair Cream For Men except the smells, Nair smells very foul and Bare have a lighter odor. The Bare is a dual stage body product, first you have the bare balm, which is used to remove body hair including your balls, anal area, taint, shaft, crotch areas. Then you have the calm balm, which is used to protect and heal the skin. For truly manly-type hairy guys you're probably gonna have to go two or three rounds and leave it on up to at least 10 minutes (not recommended time of 7 minutes) before you see the full effect.

Use of The Bare Pair King Kombo would be less painful than wax, but though the initial removal of hair was painless, the pain and irritation of the chemical burns afterwards can last for weeks for men with sensitive skin! Remember that it is very AWFUL for men with sensitive skin.

6 Best Selling Hair Removal Depilatory Cream For Male - 1. The Bare Pair King Kombo

User Reviews On Armazon

By Lauren

Some Background:

I'm a chick and I can't shave my legs without being covered in tiny ingrown hairs, also known as razor burn. No amount of exfoliating, soaking in warm water, lotions, steaming, or fresh blades of any number have been able to fix this. I've tried everything and I'm giving up on razors. I've had my legs waxed, but frankly, it's too damn inconvenient. I've tried nair in the past and that stuff is awful. So I researched a bit on amazon and came up with this. It's "for" dudes' junk but I read a few people had their girlfriends use it, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

My Skin Type:

My skin is dead sensitive. I break out if you look at me harshly. I generally shy away from chemicals, including anything with scents, for this reason. I am pale with many moles and freckles. The hair on my legs is much thinner and paler than other hair on my body, so I hoped it would come off fairly easily. Only the skin on my legs seems to have problems with shaving. My arm pits and my arms (which I shave regularly) never have ingrown hairs, and I've continued to shave those as normal.


The aforementioned ingrown hairs were an issue, so I didn't shave for a month. That's right, in the middle of summer. Somewhat disappointingly, no one noticed, not even once, and I had not stopped wearing shorts and skirts. However, I noticed, and I like smooth legs, so I was still going to do it. I took a bath hoping that might soften up the hairs, but didn't use any soap as directed.

The Cream:

The smell was non-existant. I tried getting right up next to it and sniffing and I could barely smell anything. Usually depilatories smell awful, very strong and chemically, but this had almost nothing. The consistency is like toothpaste, thick and stays where you put it but easy to spread. It's bright white and easy to pick out when you miss a spot.

Test Spot:

In the steamy bathroom, I tried a small area on my ankle that I outlined in eyeliner. I wasn't sure how much to use, so I put it on fairly thick using the applicator. I felt nothing, so I pulled out a book, set a timer for 12 minutes, and waited.

Test Result:

They give you a cotton glove that you're supposed to wear in the shower to gently rub the hair off. At the end of 12 minutes, I ran my ankle under lukewarm water and rubbed in circular motions, and voila, no hair. Success. Time to try the whole leg.

Full Trial Run:

I did one leg at a time, trying a much thinner application on the second leg, and both at 12 minutes. The whole time, I never felt anything. Ran my leg under warm water and smoothed the glove around in circles. The hair came right off. No pain or discomfort and my skin felt very soft. Not a single hair remained behind, no strays at all. I had to rub for a while to get some of the parts of the hairs off, because the long hairs tended to break before the whole thing would come off, but I rubbed very gently for about two minutes and it was all done.

They also give you some lotion to apply afterwards, so I used that. The lotion it came with was very nice, sort of thin, not my usual stuff, but I (for no good reason) thought there might be something special in it for post-chemical use, so I used it. That was 3 days ago and I have had no ill effects. As for ingrown hairs, I have not noticed a single new one. I had absolutely no irritation or bumpiness which is fantastic and unheard of for me when shaving. My skin has been levels of smooth I can never remember feeling!

The chemicals work by breaking down the hair, so when you rub it off, you're essentially doing no better than shaving and not getting at the root of the hair. Like I said, it was 3 days ago and I have a light stubble now, so I'll probably do it again tomorrow, but I expect the repetition to be about what I'd do shaving to keep my legs smooth. Unlike shaving, you're guaranteed to get right next to the skin every time and don't have to worry about dull blades.

In Conclusion:

Never shaving again.

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