Hair Growth Inhibitors

Hair inhibitors are mostly topical solutions that make use of plant enzymes. They work by changing the structure of the hair follicle and making them turn weak until they eventually stop producing hair altogether. More recently, they have been cropping up in drug stores, body moisturizers, ads, and dermatologist offices. Some of them are effective but not all are created equal even irritate skin. In fact, the basic is:


Is the only approved as a hair growth inhibitor for women facial hair by FDA.

RX Oral Medications

Have been clinically observed to slow hair growth.

 1.  Spironolactone (Aldactone)
 2.  Finasteride (Marketed As Propecia And Proscar)
 3.  Flutamide
 4.  Cyproterone acetate (Not Available In The US)
 5.  Ketoconazole
 6.  Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone Agonists

Herbal Remedies

Sold over the counter and online have not been proven to work in published clinical studies.

Hair Growth Inhibitors

Some Of The Worst Offenders

Note : The list is incomplete. ANY non-prescription product claiming to inhibit hair growth is making unproven claims.

Ultra Hair Away by Victoria Bodyworks

  • Kalo - Lotion, by Nisim International
  • Kalo - Spray, by Nisim International
  • Kalo - Spray / Lotion, by Nisim International
  • Epil-Stop by Tactica
  • Epil-Stop Plus by Tactica
  • Epil-Stop Ultra by Tactica
  • Enleve
  • UHA Sport by Apex Marketing
  • Derma Nude™ Advanced Hair Retardant Gel by Apex Marketing
  • Derma Nude™ Advanced Hair Retardant Spray by Apex Marketing
  • follistat by Apex Marketing
  • Hair No More by Apex Marketing
  • No More Hair - Gel, oz Hair No More
  • No More Hair - Spray Mist, oz Hair No More
  • No More Hair Vanishing Creme Remover, oz Hair No More
  • Hair No More™ Advanced Spray Mist
  • Hair No More™ Advanced Soothing Gel

Hair Away by Body EQ

  • Maxima Hair Inhibitor, oz
  • Smooth-Max Hair Inhibitor Deodorant
  • Maxima Hair Inhibitor by Green Canyon
  • Surgi-Hair Stop - by Ardell
  • Surgi-Facial Hair Stop™ by Ardell
  • Epizyme™ Stop Hair Regrowth for Body and Legs
  • Epizyme™ Stop Hair Regrowth for Face
  • Slow Grow Skin Maintenance Lotion
  • Azulene Oil hair inhibitor by Parissa
  • Liquid Electrolysis by Global Electrolysis Supply
  • Mariana Serum
  • Lex ™ Serum
  • D'Lay Cr me by Thane International
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