Hair Removal Friction

Friction is not a very popular method of hair removal although some people find it effective on fine hairs of the legs and arms. In this method, a rough surface, like a mitt or a pumice stone, is used to rub away hair on the skin's surface. A mitt with rough strips on a smooth surface is often used.

Friction is inexpensive, fast, basically painless and can be done at home. This also exfoliates and smoothes the skin. Most say this method is good for fine hair on the legs while others use it between shaving or waxing sessions. The effects last a short time, a few hours to a few days and a pigmented area often called the dark 'shadow' is often visible. This can also cause skin irritation if rubbed too hard and is not for use on sensitive areas like the face, arms or bikini area.

Friction Hair Removal

How To Do It

When doing the legs or arms it's a good idea to take a warm shower and exfoliate the area, otherwise you may have problems with dead skin sloughing off as you treat the area. A shower also helps to soften the hair, making your job easier.

Next, take your pumice or mit and rub it gently on the area using slow, circular movements. It is important to be very gentle. Remember you're not sanding splinters off a wooden board, you're treating your skin!

Your strokes should have only the slightest amount of pressure. It may feel like you're not doing anything, but if you check you will see the hair being buffed away.

Afterwards you may want to apply soothing lotion in case your skin becomes irritated, but it's a good idea to stay away from irritants such as heavily perfumed lotion for a day or so.

Friction Versus Other Methods

Friction is fairly cheap, with the friction mits going for about $5.50, and $5.00 for pumice stones.
However it is short-term, if you use friction you'll probably see some hair regrowth by the next day. But it does not cause stubble like shaving, as the hair is rubbed away rather than sliced, so no sharp edge is formed on the hair. It is mostly painless if done correctly, unless you have sensitive skin in which case you may not be able to rub the hair away without irritation. If this is the case you may want to find another method.

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