Hair Removal Depilatories (Depilatory Cream)

Common, but some consumers find the caustic ingredients cause skin irritation or even chemical burns.

Depilatories Description

A depilatory cream is a mixture of mildly caustic chemicals that contain sodium and calcium thioglycolate to dissolves the keratin. Hair is constituted mainly by keratin, depilatories break the disulfide bond in the hair and dissolve keratin at the skin surface but not destroy the hair follicle. However, keratin is also there in the skin, the depilatories will still dissolve the skin. That's why you must remove the depilatories after the given time or when your skin starts stinging. The FDA says they have received many reports of burns, blisters, stinging, itchy rashes, and skin peeling associated with depilatories.

Depilatories are easiest to use and cheap but it isn't for everyone as they are cause allergic reactions, smelly, need regular application, may not always be strong enough for coarse haired people and can be messy. Yet for many, they are one of the quickest ways to remove large amounts of hair in a pain free fashion without stubble. Being chemical based, you have to therefore test before you use it.

Hair Removal Depilatory Cream

Depilatories may yield results that aren't impressive, hair may remain absent for up to a few days but sometimes only a few hours, roughly the same amount of time it takes for hair to regrow after shaving. People with dark, coarse hair may appear to have a "five o'clock shadow" under the surface of their skin. Finally, some cream depilatories may not be strong enough to dissolve these hairs that's particularly coarse.


Inexpensive, Fast, Sometimes Painless, Done At Home, Anywhere.


  • Effect Lasts A Short Time
    Anywhere from a few hours to several days. Dark-haired users may have visible "shadow" of dark hair under skin. Often requires use every two or three days.
  • An Odor
    It can have a harsh, strident smell, making them unpleasant to use.
  • Cause Skin Irritation, Cuts And Eye Irritant
    It can burn and tingle while on your skin and result in temporary redness post-use. If your skin is sensitive, you may have an allergic reaction to the product that results in rash or inflammation.

Depilatories Costs

From under $1.00 to $12.00 a bottle.

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