Choosing Right Hair Removal Method According To Sex : Male

Back & Chest (Most Questions) : Suggest Depilatory Cream, Waxing Is Following

  • Depilatory Cream is inexpensive and effective. Creams generally get rid of unwanted hair for 2-4 weeks, meaning you only need to reapply them on average every 3 weeks.
  • The Wax is applied to the skin with a piece of paper or cloth covering it. It is easy, fast and effective but it can also be painful. The typical costs of back waxing sessions in salon is about £25 - £65 and it will have a lasting result about 4-6 weeks. But in the long term, with the money you're spending in the spa, it may not be the best option.
  • Laser Hair Removal is a permanent method and almost painless. However, it is expensive and the general average price of back or chest of men is about £2,000 for whole sessions.

Choosing Right Hair Reduction Method According To Sex : Male


Male Beards : Shaving Is By Far The Most Popular Option

  • Shaving to beard is inexpensive, but is a temporary method
  • Electrolysis is possible and can be permanent, but it requires a very long time and must be done by someone with a lot of experience. The heavier the beard, the more likely you are to get scarred.
  • You can Laser Beards Removal if you have light skin and dark hair. It can often result in softer, thinner, and finer hair of beard. Moreover, laser treatment reduces ingrown hairs, barbers rash, or folliculitis that may result from shaving of the neck. But some have reported patchy or grid-like regrowth that looked odd.


Genital Hair : Suggest Shaving, Not Recommend Waxing

  • Shaving the genital hair of men is the the fastest, cheapest, and most painless method, provided you are careful to avoid nicks and razor burn. However, it is also the shortest term solution, and must be done regularly to avoid stubble.
  • First, waxing is not recommended on the genitals of men at home by yourself. Because it can end up tearing or burning the skin. Waxing for genitals at salon is not also practical for men. The pulling of hair from the ultra sensitive skin of the testicles isn't a good idea. Men feel sore after the wax strips are removed from their pubic region for several days. General, there are Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing for men at salons. Brazilian Waxing refers to partial genital hair removal, and Hollywood Waxing refers to total genital hair removal includes areas around the anus, perineum and vagina.


Light Skin & Dark Hair : Suggest Laser Hair Removal

  • LHR treatment using laser light to penetrate the hair shaft, it actually kills the hair root and it is a permanent method.
  • Costs about £150 per treatment.
  • The results could be almost permanent.
  • The process will take 30 minutes per treatment and up to eight treatments.


Electrolysis : We Do Not Suggest

Electrolysis is a good option for sparse hair, but we do not suggest it because of painful, expensive and time-consuming.

Choosing The Right Methods According :

Your Sex ; Skin Characteristics ; Type / Amount Of Hair ; Body To Be Treated

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