Choosing The Right Hair Removal Methods For Transsexuals

Transgender women as well as male crossdressers and transvestites can all be faced with unique hair removal issues. The facial hair especially beard is an almost universal problem and is the most difficult to solve. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) changes the balance of sex hormones in their bodies and this will reduce hair growth, however it does not completely eliminate it in all areas especially facial hair. HRT cannot destroy or influence hair existing at the time therapy is started, which makes is necessary to use permanent facial hair removal methods. There are two options are available, Electrolysis or Laser.


It is the most reliable option and 100% permanent. After treatment is complete there is no hair regrowth, no shadow or stubble. However, It is :

Very Painful -

It is greater than laser and it may feel like 20 pricks to your one for laser treatment. The beard area is the most painful because of the high density of hair growth.

Slow -

1 to 4 years is the norm for hair removal completely, with the average falling somewhere around 2 years.

Very Expensive -

For example, one treatment on the eyebrows may take 15-30 minutes with an experienced technician beacuse each hair follicle has to be individually treated. Generally, you need about 15-30 visits to see the best results. Expect to pay around $60 an hour.

Risk Of Scarring -

Studies have shown that long lasting skin damage can ensue if specific protection is not given to the skin.

Choosing The Right Hair Reduction Methods According To Transsexuals


Laser Hair Removal

Cheaper, less painful and takes less time for significant results than electrolysis. However, It is :

Not Permanent -

Hair follicle is shrink, no killed. Some will grow back softer, finer and lighter in color.

Not Thorough -

Laser works by targeting the pigment in the hair follicle, light or pale hairs may be missed.

Not For Everyone -

It works best for the combination of dark hair and fair skin. Not effective for grey, blonde, red or white hair.

The Benefits :

  • Leaves skin looking and feeling softer and more feminine. No more thick makeup just trying to cover up your beard.
  • No more ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or 5' oclock shadows.
  • Makes upper lip and chin less puffy. In fact, the thick dense hair under your skin actually pushes your upper and lower lips outward, this rolls the actual lip inward. People who get the hair around their lips removed report that the upper lip is flatter, allowing their lips to appear more full.


Another option, especially for women with dark hair and pale skin, may be initial laser treatments with electrolysis follow-up. The initial laser treatment thins out the bulk of their hair and should make things manageable with shaving and reduce stubble and shadow, while electrolysis targets the stragglers and leaves your skin as smooth as most cisgender women's.

Body Hair : Suggest Waxing and Laser

Normal male levels of testosterone leads to body hair growth that can be perceived as undesirable such as:

Pubic hair extending to thighs
Nose and/or Ear hair
Chest hair, Periareolar hair, Perianal hair
Leg hair
Axilla (underarm) hair

Choosing The Right Methods According :

Your Sex ; Skin Characteristics ; Type / Amount Of Hair ; Body To Be Treated

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