Choosing Right Hair Removal Way According Sex : Female

Eyebrows & Facial : Tweezing Is The Most Popular


  • Tweezing works but it may hurt for a little times. Pulling the eyebrows as fast as you can to pull the root out with the hair.
  • Threading does the same as well, however, it's hard to find a professional practitioner outside large cities.
  • Wax your eyebrows also but it hurts a lot worse than tweezing and it's more expensive.
  • For some people, conceal fine dark hair of facial by bleaching rather than removing it.
  • Cream Vaniqa has been a great maintenance solution for about half the women. It is safe and costs $80 and $225 per tube.
  • Laser Hair Removal is a best choice for light skin and heavier amounts of dark hair.
    It usually requires 5-7 treatments and cost runs between $150 and $500 and more.
  • Women with high levels of androgens may benefit from Prescription Oral Medications.
    Medications commonly include birth control pills and/or anti-androgens, such as Spironolactone, Cyproterone Acetate.
Choosing The Right Hair Reduction Methods For Women


Bikini : Shaving Is The Most Popular


  • Shaving is easy, but it's important to moisturize heavily before and after, and use a new blade.
  • Wax is also valid. But it can make skin red or scabby and you need to take some precautions to prevent infection.
  • Electrolysis is very painful, but if can be permanent.
  • Laser Pubic Hair is a good option, you will be able to be free of pubic ingrown hair, pubic pimple, and razor bump.

Legs & Arms : Shaving Is Most Frequently, Waxing And Cream Vaniqa Are Following.


  • Shaving most frequently but hair grows back very quickly so the process has to be repeated frequently.
  • Waxing is the second most popular choice for legs which is efficient for large areas and it can be maintained for weeks.
  • Cream depilatories is also a good option for legs. Cream depilatories are chemicals that dissolve unwanted hair, These are available in the form of cream, spray and liquid form. But Sometimes depilatories can cause skin irritation.
  • LHR can be used to permanently reduce legs hair. The average costs for both half legs are generally between £150-280 ($200-350), both full legs are £250-350 ($350-500) and it is but may require several treatments.

Chest, Nipples, Abdomen : If Sparse, Tweezing Is An Option<


  • Tweezing is the best way to removing unwanted hair on sensitive area, because this isn't a place where you'll want scarring.
  • Laser is also a good option and it's relatively cheap to deal with a small area.

Pregnant And Nursing Women

Pregnant often see increased amounts of hair. They should consult with a physician before undergoing any hair removal way that uses energy or involves chemicals or drugs. Can I have LHR during pregnancy or breast-feeding?

Choosing The Right Methods According :

Your Sex ; Skin Characteristics ; Type / Amount Of Hair ; Body To Be Treated

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